Monday, August 26, 2013

Freebies and Parties

Happy Monday, all!
First of all, BIG HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped me spread the word of my KISSING KENDALL 99 cent sale.
Amazon kept it that price all week, so that was a very nice little perk for a book that has been out since December. :)
In other news, I was able to cash in some American Express credit card points recently .
So for FREE I got these items:
1-- a DOUBLE Belgium waffle maker  (no more one waffle at a time)
2--an espresso/cappuccino machine  (I'm becoming quite the barista now)
3--a new microwave oven (my last one was only a year old and completely went up in flames) LITERALLY
Nice, huh? It was like Christmas! Although, my hubby likes to point out, it wasn't exactly for free since we did have to spend money on our credit card to earn the points.

A minor technicality.

And in OTHER other news, I will be participating in an Entangled Bliss Facebook Party this Thursday!

 Don't you roll your eyes! They are FUN!

Thursday, August 29, 8-10pm EST:

-Sara Daniel: Will offer a "Dream" charm (US Only)
-Rachel Harris: Will offer Taste the Heat magnet and signed postcards (open intl)
-Roxanne Snopek: Will offer cowboy themed wine charms (US only)
-Claire Baxter
-Ophelia London: Will offer bookmarks & $10 Amazon gc
-Barbara DeLeo: Will offer a $10 Amazon GC and a Barbara DeLeo Kindle cleaner
-Jennifer Shirk: Will offer a $10 Amazon gc
-Cindi Madsen

Obviously, lots of great authors and prizes! Come join us!  Or I'll find you and drag you there.


Half kidding.


And lastly, in other OTHER other news, the Long and Short Reviews is having a 6th Anniversary Bash which runs August 26 – 30!
Stop by their website for the party!
Four $100 Amazon GCs will be given away – along with publisher GCs, books, ebooks, and author swag! 
There will be dozens of winners!
Looks like fun! And I like giveaways. Win-win. :)


Whew!! I think that's all for me.

Taking the kiddo back to school shopping today, then will be back later this afternoon. School for us doesn't start until Sept 5!!!

Have a GREAT week!

Oh, and in case you missed this on Facebook, I took this shot on my IPhone when I was out at dinner with friends last Thursday.
Not a bad view, huh?


Sandra Orchard said...

Gorgeous view!

Maria Zannini said...

But you would've spent that money anyway, so using your AmEx to pay for them gave you a bonus. :)

Happy Christmas!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Gorgeous photo!

The Facebook party sounds like fun. And your American Express points got you some cool kitchen gadgets.

Old Kitty said...

Wow - what wonderful gifts - they're brilliant!! Waffles, coffee and a microwave! Wonderful!

Love the red skies in your iphone pic! Enjoy your school shopping! Take are

Linda G. said...

That lovely view almost makes up for the fact that it's Monday. ;)

Em-Musing said...

Oooh, a cappuccino maker? What fun. And what a view while dining. LIfe is good, no?

The Happy Whisk said...

I love homemade waffles. So fun. Though I clicked the link and it went to the coffee machine thingy.

Karen Lange said...

A FB party - fun! Will hop over if I can! I saw that pic on FB and was trying to see if I knew where it was. But then, it could be several places in the good part of NJ, couldn't it? :) Labor Day weekend, I still half hold my breath here in KY, waiting for the masses to exit Monday night. It really is nice/kinda weird living somewhere that isn't seasonal.

Shelley Munro said...

What a gorgeous photo! Love the colors. BTW, I'm heading to your place for brunch now that you've got all this new stuff for your kitchen!

Connie Keller said...

I just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award on my Screwing Up Time blog.

Editors At Work said...

Wow! You had Christmas early with all those things!

And cool Entangled giveaways!


Diane Craver said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing the gorgeous picture you took with your phone. I love Belgian waffles - great choice! Hope you sell lots of copies of KISSING KENDALL!