Friday, December 9, 2016

On Fruitcakes (the edible kind)

Hi, all!

A little extra holiday post here.
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I will be giving away (to Canada and US commenters only) an I'd Rather Be Reading ornament plus organic tea and goodies!

Today, since it's the Christmas season, I'd figured I'd talk about fruitcakes.

The edible kind.

What is it about the Christmas fruitcake that causes such a divide among people in America? There are those that definitely hate fruitcake and then there is a minority of people who actually love fruitcake.
(I have yet to eat a fruitcake I like, personally)

But I was actually willing to try making one. For myself! Not to give away. Just to see if maybe my not liking this stuff had anything to do with freshness and quality control. But alas, I'm doubting I'll have time. However, if I did venture this route, I would use Alton Brown's recipe.
(It looks the most palatable plus it has rum in it)

My father-in-law actually LOVES fruitcake. He asks for one every Christmas but we usually order one for him. It's kind of a running joke in the family.

And this joke I happened to incorporate in my newest release,
In the book, the hero's mother loves fruitcake and makes one every Christmas. But the family doesn't have the heart to tell her they all hate fruitcake and eat it every year anyway. LOL!

I don't know, maybe it's the texture thing from all the dried fruit that has me balking. I'm not really an oatmeal raisin cookie person either. But regardless, I'm willing to give it another go and try it again this year.
If I can find one that is. :)

What about you? Do you LOVE or HATE fruitcake?
Have you ever made one?

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Maria Zannini said...

I had a lifelong disdain of fruitcake until I tasted a sample at a local bakery. (Collin Street Bakery in Texas) It was super moist and very rich. A small slice is all you need.

I send my mother a small tin every year.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I had it once as a kid and I'm definitely in the do-not-like category. You're right, most people hate them.

Katie Watkins said...

Nope, I don't like it. Maybe it's because the kind I've tasted was too dry.

tarafarah7 said...

Hmmmm...I have to join the ranks and say no, it's not for me!:-)

Kim Matlock said...

I loved that scene in the book. I don't like fruitcake. My grandmother use to make different cakes and give as gifts to the kids (her kids and their families). She would always make my mom fruitcake, which she loved. You would find me picking out all of the fruit and nuts. Thus, I started getting a German Chocolate Cake, because I was special like that.

My mom has taken to making her own fruitcake now. It's still a NO for me.

Beth Jones said...

I'm not a fan of Fruitcake, but when my dad was alive he wanted one every year, he loved them. He is/was the only one I know that actually liked them.

Buffywnabe said...

I've never actually had fruitcake, but I've seen it, and not been impressed! I don't eat much fruit, I definitely don't eat cooked fruit, so there's no way I'd probably like it. In fact, my stepdad gets one from some of his clients every year, and we always have to try to find someone new to pass it onto every year.

thenipper said...

Fruitcakes are ok but they have to have a lot of crunch to them in the way of nuts. The more walnuts and pecans the better.

jean602 said...

I don't like store fruit cake.But I do like homemade.My mom found a recipe using yellow cake mix and it's really good.Moist not dry.

jean602 said...
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soraya hassan said...

I like to eat fruitcake. I used to eat it when i was a kid. I bought one in Costco,NJ.
I am the only person who ate all the fruitcake.

Shirley Lawrence said...

I love all types of fruitcake, but the dark type is my all time favorite I've never made one myself, but I remember helping my grandmother when I was young.

Kathy said...

Always I hated fruitcake! Then, I ordered one for my Mother from an abbey in Kentucky (Internet said it was the best fruitcake so had to be true). Mother INSISTED I try just one tiny bite as it was the best she'd ever eaten. Now, I order one every year! This truly is delicious!

Lindsi M. said...

There's edible fruitcake? LOL Actually, I've never tried fruitcake before. The only thing I can think about when I hear the word fruitcake is all of the movies/tv shows that show those rock hard concoctions that people use as doorstops and paperweights. :)
Although I also love to bake during the holidays, so maybe I'll look into making one and see what it's all about.
Merry Christmas! And God Bless,

Julie Carpenter said...

I'm definitely not a fruitcake fan!!!! I always wondered what the appeal was for my mom and grandma, so I tried a bite. Nope definitely not for me. But that was years and years ago.... I always have my children try something before they say they don't like it. Maybe it's time to try it again...then again maybe not. ;-)

Danielle H. said...

My neighbor is from England and she makes the best fruit cake--it takes about a month to make (lots of resting) so I don't plan on trying to make it myself, just hoping for a slice again this year. Fruit cakes in the store--those are just nasty and make really good door stops. I should look for a gourmet one at a bakery to compare.

Linda Herold said...

I'm actually not a fan of fruitcake! I prefer chocolate!! My mom has made fruitcakes for years! There is a cute reference to fruitcakes in one of my daughter's childhood books!

Cynthia St.Germain said...

I like fruitcake. I use a old family recipe that was changed a little for me when I was a kid because I didn't like some of the fruits involved. I don't make it every year but every other Thank you for such a cool blog article.

Kim Gardner Holliday said...

I'm not a fruitcake fan, although my grandmother loved it. I think there are too many other delicious desserts to waste my calories Love the ornament!

veRONIca said...

I've only ever had my grandmother's and it is very dry and I did not like it. So not sure if there is good fruitcake out there that I have not yet tried, but I'm willing to try if I find some more!