Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year and What I've Learned

IN THE NEWS: Universal Studios theme parks (in the U.S.) just changed their menu to cut the unhealthy trans fat from many of the junk food favorites served there.
(Ahhh.... My arteries and I thank you)

So for my last post of the year, I wanted to do another "Best Of" list that every blogger and their mother are doing right now. Yeah, yeah, I know I sort of did that already with my "Top Reads" list yesterday, but I felt inspired. The other night, as I watched a show on the Best Commercials of 2006, I thought, "Yes! It can be done. There is room in this world for another stupid cliche 'Best Of' list!"

I thought long and hard (yes, dangerous) and came up with my own personal discoveries of the past year.

So without further blah, blah, blah... my list for The Top Ten Things I've Learned in 2006:

10) Writing is hard. **Huh, I thought once I FINISHED a book, it'd be all gravy from there. This one was a hard lesson learned.

9) Fresh fish is better for you than farm-raised fish. **Okay. I posted this for my mother and her macrobiotic way of eating. She hammered this home all year, and now it is forever tattooed to my brain. Happy, Mom?

8) When a publisher's website says 6-8 months for a manuscript read, tack on an extra 3 months. **This is generally a good measure to go by so you don't end up stalking your mailman too early. (Sorry about that, Chuck.)

7) I've become a lightweight. **What happened to the times when I could go to a "ten wine" wine tasting and feel even better the next day? Well, they're gone and never coming back, I assure you. I found myself more than once this year hugging the toilet after ONE glass of wine. What happened to me? I used to be cool.

6)Keep a list of things you need but would never buy yourself. **Why? Because I go through this every Christmas. I never know what to tell people when they ask, "What would you like?" Then AFTER Christmas I have literally hundreds of ideas that I then forget come the end of the year. Well, I've learned my lesson and have already started a small list. I'll be ready for them next year!

5) My husband is a funny guy. ** Actually, I haven't just learned this. I've known this for YEARS and it's one of the reasons I married him. But I figured I'd mention it anyway. We've known each other over 13 years and he still cracks me up. Besides, this was a nice even spot to cleanse the palate. (If you haven't stopped reading by now)

4) Pick your critique partners carefully. **Another hard lesson. I will never again forget that there are people in this world who maybe can write but couldn't give a critique to save their life, for one reason or another. Listen to your instincts when they slap you upside the head and get out of that group!

3) Don't buy clothes BEFORE you get your hair highlighted. **This one I should have already known, but it's been a while so I forgot. Whoops. Now I have some very nice tops that look wonderful with brown hair but not so hot with blondish hair.

2) My hubby does not like peas. **We've been married for eleven years and for some reason I just couldn't get this notion into my little pea--no pun intended--brain. Until one day this year he finally made it perfectly clear. Got it. No more peas for you, dear. I promise.

1) Organic/natural deodorant doesn't work. ** At least not on me. That lesson is self explanatory... (Grrrr) Thanks a lot, Mom.

Well, now that I've put them into print, I will most assuredly not forget them.

I hope.

Happy New Year and "see" you in 2007!

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Debora Dennis-Mills said...

Hmmm, as one of the critique partners you are hopefully keeping, let me say I still think you're cool - even if can't drink my chocolate martini's! And thanks for the tip on the deodorant - If I was the tester - my teenagers would have a field day with me and it would probably take me years to recover my dignity.