Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just a Few More Observations

IN THE NEWS: According to the Associated Press, Diana Ross will be one of the mentors to American Idol.
(Yeah, I know it's weak news but it goes with the American Idol talk below)

Well, feeling slightly better. Sore throat is still lingering, but aches are gone. And I worked really hard yesterday afternoon on a scene I'm adding to one of my manuscripts just so I could watch American Idol last night. I'm hoping to give it to Debora Dennis Mills by tomorrow for a look over--because she's got a good eye and will tell it to me straight.

So... in the meantime let's talk Idol.

Well, last night's American Idol was definitely funnier than Tuesday. Which proves two things: 1) I have a sick sense of humor, and 2) there's a lot of strange people in Seattle. (Ooops. Sorry Seattle)

Personally, I loved the brother and sister duo that auditioned. They were like the "Indian Donny and Marie". Adorable! I hope they both do well.

But there were plenty that weren't so adorable...

I have to say the one line that just cracked me up after one long, VERY brutal audition (that they really should have cut short) was "What the bloody hell was that?" Too funny.
** Now, do not try that line around the house. You need the English accent to pull something like that off. **

So as I cringed, gritted my teeth and watched people's hearts breaking before my eyes, one thought kept ringing in my ear: Why doesn't the wake up call that you can't sing happen BEFORE you audition for American Idol? WHY???? It's amazing to see how shocked people are when they don't get that yellow piece of paper.

Now some people audition for the experience and have a good attitude and do not get devastated beyond recognition. In fact, author Rhonda Stapleton shared her experience auditioning for Idol and she came out of it just fine. Click here to check out her blog article. Very interesting!

So I started thinking (yes, dangerous), IF I could sing--that's a BIG "if"--and I was going to audition for the show, I would probably sing something like Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" or even better, "Something So Right" by Annie Lennox.

If you were going to audition, what would you sing? (And if you say something like "Boogie Shoes" by KC and the Sunshine Band or "Mr. Roboto" by Styx, I'll know you're not serious.


Chicki said...

Since I'm a low alto/tenor, I'd probably sing something by Gladys Knight. Maybe "Neither One of Us."

My youngest daughter auditioned for Idol here in Atlanta several years ago. She had a ball camping out on Harris Street downtown to keep her place in the line that snaked an entire mile. Hubby and I went down to take her some more blankets and it was an incredible thing to hear people singing everywhere! She met some awesome people, but didn't make the cut even though she has a marvelous voice (and that's not parental prejudice, just a statement of fact!) But it was an experience she'll remember her whole life.

Elle Fredrix said...

Hmm, what would I sing? I'd have to give that serious thought as my taste is very eclectic.

I needed a laugh this evening so I watched last night's episode again. Man that was hysterical.

Oh, and KC and the Sunshine Band and Styx?? Hehehe...

Bella said...

I don't have cable, satelite, or regular T.V. so didn't get to watch American Idol, but my daughter's middle school had their version of Idol and she auditioned. It takes guts to humiliate yourself before strangers, but a lot more if they're people who know you so well. I thought she was nuts to want to do it since she can't sing worth a damn, but she wanted to so hey...