Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend TV Banter

MENTAL STATUS: Tired. Went to bed late. Late meaning... 11PM. That's very late for me. And I didn't sleep well. Kept having a dream that some guy in a Scream mask was trying to kill me. Lovely.

Okay. Since it's a holiday and I'm tired (see above), I'll just do some idle chitchat. Forgive me if I start to ramble or don't make sense. (again, see above)

As you probably know, the start of the season premiere of 24 started last night. OH. MAN. In a word, it was "intense". But the show always is, and it's the reason why it's my one of my favorites.

I have to say, I don't watch a lot of TV. Well, none. Unless you count FOX News and The Simpsons--oh and a little Extreme Makeover. **clearing throat now** But this month will be my downfall to my writing, considering American Idol also starts this week. (That topic will be for another blog, though)

Back to 24.

Jack Bauer--not looking too good but better than I would have after being tortured for two years in a Chinese prison--has finally returned to America, only to learn the reason he's back is because the President wants him to sacrifice himself so they can learn the location of a key terrorist. (I have to say, he was a real trouper about that)

Anyway, **SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDN'T SEE IT YET** Jack manages to escape by biting (think Hannibal Lector) into the jugular of his captor, killing him. That scene was so sick but actually did wonders for my diet. I was contemplating getting a cupcake up until that point.

I'm still not in the mood for breakfast.

Then there was a spot in the premiere where Jack is trying to hotwire a car to make his getaway, he has blood dripping down his chin (from you know what) and he's talking to the President on his cell phone trying to persuade him to stop a missile strike against the wrong terrorist. Whew! And he was only in the country like a half hour.

No doubt about it. Jack Bauer is Batman.

Now, if you step back, then step back a little more, a little more, and then a little more... the show is almost comical. But when you're watching it, you're too involved in the drama to notice something like that.

Which is why I can't wait until tonight for PART 2.

What TV shows do you like to watch?


Priya said...

I often like to say I do not like TV, but I do succumb to Charmed, the X Files, the Simpsons (to mention a few) and a few good movies that grace our screens.

Chelle Sandell said...

I have to admit, the show I make a point of watching is Greys Anatomy. We are usually so busy during week that I can't consistently sit and watch most shows, so it's hard to have patience when I don't know what's going on. It also doesn't help when I have boys flying past my line of vision, wrestling and fighting. (But I also enjoy American Idol!)

Elle Fredrix said...

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do like CSI. The original and NY. Not Miami because David Caruso gives me the heebie jeebies.

And blood makes me squicky, so it's odd that these are my faves!

Debora Dennis-Mills said...

Talk about four hours on the edge of your seat! Jack cleans up nicely after arriving from the chinese prison, being stabbed in the shoulder veins and having acid poured in it - getting stabbed in the back - biting the neck of his capture - and then rescuing another terrorist, thwarting a suicide bomber and ultimately killing one of his best friends - OMG - in only four hours. It exhausts me just writing it :)