Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Remembering a Good Old Day

IN THE NEWS: According to the New York Times analysis of census reports, this is probably the first time more American women (51%) are living without a husband than with one. "Several factors are driving the statistical shift. At one end of the age spectrum, women are marrying later or living with unmarried partners more often and for longer periods. At the other end, women are living longer as widows and, after a divorce, are more likely than men to delay remarriage, sometimes delighting in their newfound freedom."
(I'm not commenting on this one)

Well, speaking of husbands--or lack there of--my hubby and I are celebrating an anniversary. Of sorts.

Our "First Date" anniversary.

That's right. It was January 16, 1993, when my hubby mustered up enough nerve to call me up (someone he'd never met or saw before) and ask me out on a date. So we're celebrating by... ordering take-out? Hey, it's something. You got to do what you got to do when it's a Tuesday and you have a four-year-old.

Actually, before my daughter, we would go out to dinner. But even though things have changed we still remember the day...

We met on a blind date. My aunt lived near his mother... yada yada... I was home from college that weekend...yada yada... he called me up...yada yada... I bought a new outfit. He was so funny on the phone and had such a nice deep voice. (My hubby has a wonderful voice--he could do "radio" if he ever wanted a career change.)

How could I resist a last minute date?

He ended up taking me into Philadelphia, and we ate at the Samuel Adams Brewhouse (no longer there) and then we went to the Copa 2 (not sure if still there) for margaritas. We call it the "marathon" date because we left around 6 PM and I don't think he brought me back home until 3AM.

I remember, at the end of dinner, my husband made a joke and asked me if I wanted to keep the credit card receipt for our scrapbook. Very presumptuous. So, of course, I laughed.

But almost a year later of dating, I found out HE held on to the receipt. (I think we both kind of knew then and there) So we did end up starting a scrapbook of receipts (dinners and movies we went to), pictures, notes he'd pass to me while I was studying at the Rutgers Library and other fun things we did up until we were married. We still have the scrapbook. In fact, I'm going to get it out right now.

Do you celebrate any unique anniversaries?

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Bella said...

Hey, don't let anyone knock take-out anniversary dinners until they try it. With my five kids, the last two being 4 and 2, I love take-outs on our anniversary...no cooking, no dealing with tanterums at the restaurant...yes, the life

Happy anniversary.