Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday, I'm Still Sick

IN THE NEWS: I'm telling you, WORLD magazine had a ton of great material to use this week. I had a hard time choosing. But here's another goodie: In Japan, McDonald's recently rolled out it's biggest hamburger yet: A four-patty burger known as the Mega Mac. It's said to be popular with young men, and McDonald's sold over 3 million of those burgers in the first 4 days.
(I love this. WORLD magazine entitled their article "McCoronary". Uh, yeah.)

I took my title today from that Cure song "Friday, I'm in Love--which to my horror is about 15 years old. **shiver**

Anyway, I was pretty much down for the count yesterday afternoon. This "bug" hit me full force with everything it had. I couldn't even do normal food shopping. I ordered everything online. It's being delivered today around 1:30PM.

YAY! Food IS coming.

So as I lay in bed with my eyes rolled back in my head, my four-year-old daughter was a complete sweetheart. She played quietly around me, covered me up in her 12 x 12 inch receiving blanket (yeah, I know, but it's the thought) and hardly needed anything from me at all. She was an all around super good girl.

In honor of that, this blog spot will be about her.

Here's a sample of yesterday's conversation with her when I was feeling better:

Me: (looking at her being so good and trying to think of something to reward her with) Hey, honey, when the food comes tomorrow we can make cupcakes, if you'd like.

Her: (perked up) Yay! We'll need eggs, sugar, butter , flour and love to make them.

Me: (smiling, despite how awful I felt) That's right, sweetie.

Her: What's your favorite part? Mine is eating them and love.

**Keep in mind that it's doubly cute to be there in person, because she was smiling so innocently and has these big brown eyes with these long, sooty eyelashes you only read about in romance novels or see men blessed with in real life.

I have another cute story, but it'll have to wait for another time. Right now, I'm going to try to make up for some of that lost writing time, since I'm feeling SOMEWHAT better.


Chicki said...

She sounds like a little angel! As the mother of two daughters (no sons) I know how special they can be. Enjoy your time with her, because they grow up so fast...

Elle Fredrix said...

The Cure! Talk about a blast from the past. I know I'm going to have Sanctuary buzzing in my brain all day!

Hope you beat the bug. It's a crazy one that wants to hold on forever. I've got it too.

Sounds like you have yourself an awesome child there!

Erin said...

That sweet little girl of yours is great!
Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Chelle Sandell said...

She sounds adorable..taught by example to love well. My two were sick too...hope you feel much better, and soon! I was feeling a bit woozy earlier so I'm afraid I'll get what the boys had. I ate a light dinner just in case and had already stocked up on juice. There are some bad things going around...hopefully it won't last long and you'll be back to your"normal" self! Little ones always seem to know when we need TLC. My boys are the same way.

Elle Fredrix said...

:o) I seriously need to stop posting in the mornings. I know my brain is only partially functioning before coffee.

THE CURE, you said. Sanctuary is so not the Cure!