Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Funny

MENTAL STATUS: "Excited". Going to the Borgata tonight. (See pic below)

It's a rare Saturday post. But what the heck. I'm excited!

Got the hubby tickets to see Brian Regan at the Borgata tonight. We're going with some friends and eating at Wolfgang Puck's for dinner. (My mom will watch the kiddie.)

So who's Brian Regan? What? You never heard of him? He just so happens to be one of our favorite comedians, along with Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano and Jeffrey Ross.

Here's a sample of his act. It's a few minutes long, so sit back and relax. I tried to find one of my favorites that he does about Poptarts, but it's not available anymore. But this is just as good.

I give you the "Eye Exam".

Who's your favorite comedian?


Chicki said...

In one of my manuscripts the hero takes the heroine to a fancy dinner at the Borgata! I'm so jealous!!!! Hope you have a great time.

Oh, and Chris Rock is my favorite.

Amanda Brice said...

Have fun!

Chelle Sandell said...

How exciting! He is funny! I love a good comedian. I don't really have a favorite...I like Rodney Carrington and Ron White but they tend to be a little vulgar. Glad you're feeling better. Have a great weekend.

Elle Fredrix said...

Oh, that was brilliant, and I can so relate. For a long time, I had to go to the eye doctor every 6 months!

Hope you had a fantastic evening!