Friday, February 16, 2007

Interesting Comments

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "The makers of a popular sleeping pill Stillnox have an unconventional problem. One rare side effect of the drug causes users to sleepwalk to their kitchens and gorge on food while slumbering."
(Now THAT's a side effect I never heard before.)

You know it's funny. Yesterday's blog, gave me a lot of comments--both public and private.

Like all the men commented on #5 (the tongue thing)

Yet, all the women commented on #7 (the toilet paper thing)

I just can't believe no one commented on #4 (my sense of taste thing). Come on, people! Don't you think that's interesting? You could rent me out for parties and your guests can have me taste food and I can tell them what's wrong with it.

See? Fun. Interesting.

Oh well. I must prepare the house for my daughter's play date now. Hopefully, it will remain in one piece by the time they're done. Hubby and I are having our date night tonight too. We'll be cooking dinner together while the little girlie is at church.

Have a great weekend!


Chelle Sandell said...

I forgot about the tongue! That would be a man magnet! That is what you could rent out at parties honey. LOL.

I have the taste thing going a little I must say...I love to cook and experiment with herbs and flavors. Have a great date night!

Elle Fredrix said...

I'm actually glad I don't have a heightened sense of taste. I'm WAY too picky as it is!

Enjoy your date with the hubby, and have a great weekend.

PS - I thought of you last night as I put on a new roll of TP. :) TP/Jennifer. The two have become synonymous! LOL

Chicki said...

It figures the men couldn't resist commenting on that. Well, my answers are up on my blog. Have a good weekend, girl!