Thursday, February 15, 2007

TAGGED: Dare to be weird meme

MENTAL STATUS: "Wary". I have to go back to the dentist today for my tooth. You know, problem tooth #30? I hope this is it and they can just put the crown back on. I'm tired of chewing on my left side.

Well, thanks to Elle Fredrix, I've been tagged. AGAIN. (I must say she really keeps me hopping with this blog.)

So now I must name 6 to 10 WEIRD THINGS about myself. And to spread this "special" torture around, I will in return tag Chelle, Chicki, Erin and Angela.

Here goes.

I'm naming SEVEN WEIRD THINGS. (Just to be different)

7) If the toilet paper is not hanging in the correct "over hang" position, I HAVE to correct it. (Even in someone else's home) I know. Problems.

6) I have an almost paralyzing fear of heights and roller coasters.

5) Not only can I roll my tongue, but I can flip it upside down.

4) My sense of taste is what some would call "heightened" or "sensitive". I can eat something and almost right away tell you what is in it or what is missing from it. After putting in my mouth and then directly spitting out a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Brownie because I could taste every single preservative and chemical that went into making the thing, my hubby dubbed me "Chemical Ali". (You know after Saddam Hussein's cousin who was also called Chemical Ali because he was so good at making bombs.)

Well, I laughed. But I guess you had to be there. We watch a lot of cable news.

3) I had a mini-anxiety attack last year because we had those little black ants in our house. I had to break down and call an exterminator--which then caused me even further anxiety. (see below)

2) I have a pharmacy license and I hate chemicals in the house or in my body. It really freaks me out. It's almost a phobia. I don't even like smelly candles because I might be breathing in chemicals.

1) I hate green beans because they taste like crunchy tea to me. Yet, strangely enough, I love to drink tea. Go figure.

Ugh. I think that's plenty of ammunition. But don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm a headcase.

What about you?


Elle Fredrix said...

If the toilet paper is not hanging in the correct "over hang" position, I HAVE to correct it. (Even in someone else's home)

LOL, we best never end up in the same house. I'm the opposite. And who says the "over hang" is the RIGHT way? I hate it that way, and always put it the other way. And yes, I change it friends/family houses.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Elle, Elle, you poor misguided soul...

Over hang is the CORRECT position. Kiddie toliet paper has the designs on it in the over hang position so they can see how much to use. (I hung it in the over hang position before that, but this confirms my belief) Hehehe.

Wow. I can't believe we would be driving each other nutso if we lived in the same town. :)

Chicki said...

That's hilarious! We have some real similarities - roller coasters, toilet paper, ants. Since you tagged me, you'll find out what mine are tomorrow in my Fun Friday blog.

Chelle Sandell said...

What really surprised me was the roller coaster...but green beans - tea? And I'm sorry...can't wipe with a cartoon character staring at my behind! (Yes, I'm an under person) LOL

lainey bancroft said...

Over hang. Definitely over hang. Did I say, TP MUST OVER HANG? Good. Glad we're clear on that.

Chemicals and bugs. Yupp. Not keen on green beans either...but crunchy tea? Now that IS weird. :)

Priya said...

LOL... a self confessed semi weirdo. :) JOKES but we all have things like that...funny funny stuff

Angela Jefferson said...

I'm not gonna even jump into the toilet paper fray! My answers will be on my blog later today.