Thursday, March 15, 2007

And then there was 11...

IN THE NEWS: According to World magazine, "The largest documented colossal squid is finally out of the waters. Fishermen off the coast of New Zealand pulled in what most believe is the largest squid ever captured." The colossal squid weighed in at 990 pounds and is believed to be the world's largest invertebrate.
(Am I the only geek who found this interesting?)

Anyhew, enough squid. Let's talk IDOL...

Poor Brandon. Why not Sanjaya? Why not Sanjaya? WHY NOT Sanjaya?

Oh well. What's another week, right?

I have to say that although I wanted Sanjaya off (did I mention that?), my voting plan seemed to have worked. I know because I voted for everyone, except 4 people. I won't say who, but three of them were in the bottom three. Keep in mind this voting method I concocted is still in the new theory stage. So we'll see if it works next week.

I must confess something, though. Haley got my vote. What? Yes, she grew on me. I'm glad she wasn't voted off the show now. Uh-oh. Did I really write that? Yes. I did. What can I say? I liked her personality Tuesday night and, well, she CAN sing.

So there.

What do you think? Was it a fair bottom three?

(And more importantly, did you vote?)


Chicki said...

Sanjaya must have a HUGE fan base...

My husband said something last night in the midst of my yelling and screaming over the vote. He said, "Everybody's going home eventually." I thought about and realized there will only be two left standing - most likely Melinda and LaKeisha, so I'm going to continue to vote and hope America gets it right this year.

Elle Fredrix said...

Didn't watch this week.

Chicki's husband makes a good point though. Sanjaya and the others will be gone soon enough!

Margo Lukas said...

Um, I'm a geek. I don't watch American Idol...but I thought the Squid story was good :) I saw it about a week ago and had to click on the picture to see how REALLY big this thing was.

It was gross. Glad things like that live far, far away from me!

Priya said...

Even though I do not watch the show, I can gladly converse about it knowledgably thanks to your blog. :)