Thursday, March 1, 2007

Walt Disney Trip day one

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "Thirsty NASCAR fans were left high and dry during an in-flight mishap on AirTran flight from Balitmore to Daytona Beach, Fla., leading up to the Daytona 500 race. The problem? AirTran underestimated their NASCAR fan customers and failed to bring enough beer for the morning flight. 'Then they ran out of vodka, too,' said Andy Dawson, who like other customers began imbibing soon after the plane took off at 8 AM."
(Whoa. Those people like to party.)

Well, back to the highlights of our DISNEY trip...

We actually didn't make it into Epcot until around 4PM because we had to check in at our condo and get our bearings some. So we didn't get to see everything we wanted. Which was probably for the best, because our 4 year old companion would have been bored to tears. Oh. And I forgot my camera anyway. I left it still packed in my suitcase. (Hubby wasn't pleased, to say the least) But it was the only time I really dropped the ball on this trip.

Anyhew, onward and upward...

I wanted to go on the ride, Soarin', but because it was late in the day, all the Fast Passes were given out and the stand in wait time was 100 minutes. Uh, no thanks. Catch ya next vacation.

So the very first ride we all went on (did I mention this was my daughter's first time in Disney?) was The Seas with Nemo and Friends. My daughter immediately got off the ride and said, "Wow, that was a really cool ride." (Actually, it was extremely tame, but to her little impressionable eyes I bet it was pretty cool.)

Then we went to see a show Turtle Talk with Crush (From Finding Nemo) Very neat! It's like a cartoon but you can ask him questions and he talks back. The only problem was I had never seen Finding Nemo, so I was ill prepared for how annoying the word "Dude" could become.

My daughter really liked The Land ride for some odd reason. Maybe it was the nine pound lemons or the cinderella pumpkins. I'm not sure. It explained how people in different countries were using different resources to provide food for their own country and others. I kept waiting for the announcer to say, "In North Korea, we are our learning to raise giant rabbits to feed our starving people."

Funny how that never made it in. But I digress...

Aside from a few other rides I can't recall at the moment and a walk through some of the countries, that was it for Epcot. Around 6:30PM my daughter looked up at us and announced she was tired and wanted to get her rest to meet the princesses tomorrow. Me and the hubby just shook our heads then proceeded to head back to our car. What can I say? The little one is very sensible. It was just as well. I was tired too.

Tomorrow we'll get to the good stuff and talk Magic Kingdom.

(I remembered my camera that time.)


Chicki said...

Sounds like a great time! Do you believe I've lived in Georgia, an eight-hour drive to Orlando, for ten years and haven't been there yet. Someday...

Jennifer Shirk said...

It's a MUST see--with or without little ones. I'm surprised I had such a good time.