Saturday, March 3, 2007

WDW day 2 (Magic Kingdom)

MENTAL STATUS: "Pumped-up". Just got the call that my new garbage disposal is about 30 minutes from being installed. Yay! (Water has not been draining properly so I've been washing dishes in the powder room sink) Yeah. I know. I almost felt a little like Kramer from Seinfeld when he started washing dishes and food in the shower. But on the plus side, the hubby took us out for breakfast and is already committed to buying me dinner tonight too.
Again, yay!

So I think I mentioned how I had planned out our day with all the research I did. In fact, I had it done to an exact science of what rides to hit first before a certain time--and by doing that we avoided long waits and were able to ride the rides a few times before the crowds set in.

This is the Snow White ride. (My daughter's favorite princess) I was afraid it was going to be too scary for her. But she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, why would I be scared? It's just pretend." **sigh** She's growing up so fast.

For this Snow White picture we stood in line 40 minutes. That's right 40 minutes!! The only time we had to wait for anything.

These pics are from the outside show in front of Cinderella's Castle. I have to admit, even I got excited when the princesses came out. (We weren't expecting them)

Picture with Ariel: (I assured my hubby her "clam shells" were not real)

This is from "Story time with Belle" (um, MY favorite princess) I like her because she's book smart.

This is the very first picture--and unfortunately not the last picture of Cinderella's castle we took. It's so pretty that when you're there you don't realize until you're home that you've taken over fifty pictures of it from all angles.

Well, I won't BORE you with any more--of Magic Kingdom. That is, until Monday. (HA!!)
Have a great weekend!

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