Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looking for a Kick in the Pants

IN THE NEWS: According to (I figured we could use some happy news), "The Walt Disney Co. has teamed with bridal designer Kirstie Kelly to create a collection of gowns inspired by the favorite Disney princess characters, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel from ''The Little Mermaid,'' Belle from ''Beauty and The Beast'' and Jasmine from ''Aladdin.'' But Kelly is quick to point out that ''inspired by'' doesn't mean gowns that look like they came from the animated movies, which have been translated many times over into dress-up costumes for little girls. Instead, the designs attempt to channel the personality of each princess in terms suitable for a real-life, modern woman."

I have a busy morning, so I need to jump in the shower ASAP. And I'm already late.

I'll make this short.

I'm going through one of those "phases" now with my writing. You know about phases, right? Especially the one that constantly whispers in your ear, "You suck. You'd have a better chance of winning the lottery. Why bother? You really suck. Take up knitting instead." And so forth...

In order to exercise these demons in my head, I've decided I need a kick in the proverbial pants--and ordered some books. Not just any books. Writing books. Oooh. Ahhh. Yep, I did. And it's not even my birthday. It was my hubby's birthday yesterday, so I guess that's close enough.

Here's what I ordered:

Donald Maass Writing the Breakout Novel


Dwight V. Swain Techniques of the Selling Writer

** cue the crickets chirping **

Yeah, I know. I'm a little "behind" the times on reading these two. Well, I'm going to read them now. So there.

I'm hoping one of these books can give me a little guidance. I'm in the mood to learn.

Teach me, oh writing masters!

What's your favorite book on writing?


Debora Dennis-Mills said...

First of all - your writing doesn't suck girl - I know, I've read it!

Second, good choices on that reading material. Be sure to pass any really important info to me...cause I'm sure I'm about to fall into the same phase you're in pretty darn soon!

Chicki said...

I'm living in "Suckyland" right now myself, so I know how you feel!

One of the best book I've read on the craft is "The Novel Writer's Toolkit" by Bob Mayer. He's the author who's currently doing the free workshop with Jennifer Crusie.

Bella said...

You're funny, I always have something to laugh about when I read your blog. I heard the Donald Maass book is readlly good. Hope you learn something new.

Guilty...I have never read a book on writing, just articles, which I've bookmarked and go back to every time.


Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

You do NOT suck. You are a wonderful writer! Here, repeat this to yourself: It's not me, it's Them.

Yes. The publishing world, so sure of itself only recently, has suddenly switched tracks and decided: Funny doesn't sell. Paranormal does.

Jennifer, funny is good. And once they're done beating the paranormal into the ground because they just don't "get" it (or, "Just didn't fall in love with it" as the case may be), they'll be looking for funny again. Or at least, your kind of funny. Because you're a great writer--and they'll see that.

Chelle Sandell said...

I've noticed the paranormal switch, too. You guys are not in suckland.

Honey, I love LOVE love your light-hearted humorous voice in your writing.

Priya said...

dont let it get you down... people love to read funny writing!

and I love that snippet from happy news...