Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spoiling: Every Mother's Right

MENTAL STATUS: "Disgusted". The temperatures outside are dropping again. I am so ready for spring, yet it just doesn't want to come yet. My spring bulbs are still little stubs in the ground too, so I doubt they'll be big blooming flowers by Easter. Wah.

Well, this past weekend was my baby girl's birthday. GASP-- I can't even say baby girl any more since she turned 5. But I guess, she'll always be my baby girl. **snif sniff**

As my God given right as a mother, we spoiled the little one and gave her two parties. For her friends party, she wanted none other than...


Yikes. Seeing how this was my first children's party, I discovered a few things. If you're throwing a Build-A-Bear party, invite exactly the number of kids you want to have--no extras in case you think people won't show or will have other plans. Trust me. NO ONE will have other plans. Every mother and/or child clears their entire month's schedule to attend one of these things.

So I had all 11 girls RSVP. Even the girl who was out sick from school for 2 days prior to my daughter's party miraculously showed up. I'm now convinced a child could have an IV sticking out of her arm and still rally to come.

Lesson learned.

Anyhew, here's all the little ones gathered around the bathing/washing section, cleaning their new little animals.

Here is my daughter's final result: "Lovie" Lamb

My daughter informed me that Lovie's favorite thing is to have under her chin scratched. She also eats grass and applesauce. FYI.

The next day was the family party. I ordered a Snow White cake, and planned on cooking. So I asked my daughter what she wanted for dinner. I said she could have anything she wanted. I'm thinking I'm going to get an answer like pizza, hot dogs, mac and cheese. That kind of thing. You know, easy. Nope. What does she ask for?

Beef Stroganoff.

So there I was after church on Sunday making enough Beef Stroganoff for 12 people. I won't mention the headache I had when my daughter and all 4 cousins asked for the Moon Sand to be opened. Grrr.

Moon Sand=Evil toy.

Oh well. She'll only be 5 once.


lainey bancroft said...

Awe, what a mommy :P

2 parties AND Beef Stroganoff! (will you cook for my birthday?)

Your 'lil princess' sounds like mine. She was about the same age when she declared she was going to 'Marie's" for her birthday (average dinner for 2 $200+) and she wanted "those round things in bacon (scallops) and crabs feet"

Yo, Ms Gates, you have the wrong parents! Find Bill and say "Who's yer daddy?"

Chicki said...

Enjoy all of this fun stuff because it flies by like lightning. I look at my daughters and wonder how 26 and 36 years disappeared. I mean, just yesterday we were having kiddie parties. Now we're having them for the grandkids.

Chelle Sandell said...

We had wanted a little girl. So sweet. But alas...I have two beautiful, rowdy boys. Her party sounds great. MMmmmm, stroganoff. Can that be mailed overnight express?