Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Let's Go to the Movies

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, Americans aren't the only ones with low opinions of the French. "A survey conducted by the International Herald Tribune found a whopping 44% of French people took a negative view of their fellow countrymen, outstripping even the United State's negative view of France."

I haven't been to an actual movie theater to see a movie in, oh, probably 5 years. But that's nothing. My hubby hasn't seen a movie in a NJ theater in about 12 long years.

He almost broke his long time record to see The Nativity Story, but it was hard to organize time around the Christmas season. It seemed like we always had either a party or Christmas shopping to do. Thus, his record stands.

Well, this summer it might all change.

Did you know that between now and Labor Day, there will be 115 new movies released? 115!!!
I'm laying odds I just might be able to drag the hubby out to see maybe one movie this summer. Can you guess which one?

Daddy Day Camp? Get real.

The Simpson Movie? Maybe. But I'm not expecting miracles. Having him see two movies this summer is too much to ask.

Spiderman 3? Nope.

Live Free or Die Hard? Actually, that's not a bad guess, but no.

I'm talking about: Rush Hour 3.

Hey, stop laughing!

Have you seen ANY of the Rush Hour movies? They're so good! Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have such a great cop-buddy chemistry thing going on. Kind of like Beverly Hills Cop/Lethal Weapon with karate moves.

If you have cable, you can't miss a Rush Hour movie, because you are guaranteed one of them will be playing on a given weekend night. We should know. It wouldn't be a Friday or Saturday night without them. I can actually quote lines now.

We've been waiting for this movie for a while. Six years in the making. With that length of time, it's got to be good.

And even if it isn't, who cares? It's a night out of the house for me.

Are you looking forward to seeing any movies this summer?


Elle Fredrix said...

Shrek! I can't wait for that one!
And I'll likely go see Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

Chicki said...

Tucker and Chan are a laugh riot!

We have a dollar theater near us that's jumping on the weekends. My husband and I usually go there because there aren't many movies we absolutely have to see opening week. The only time I pay full price is when Vin Diesel has a new movie opening. :)

We've also found The Red Box at Wal-Mart that has $1.00 movies as soon as they're released to DVD.

There's really no reason to pay $7-8.00 at the theater anymore unless you just can't wait.