Monday, May 7, 2007

The Weekend Lowdown

MENTAL STATUS: "Bleh". Feeling achy--and tired of the weather getting cold again. What's up with that?

First, I have a funny story.

The hubby and I had someplace to go on Sunday, so we dropped off our daughter at our friend's house for a few hours. She had this story to tell me when we came to pick our daughter up:

(Keep in mind my daughter is 5 and she has never played Badminton before. It makes the story that much funnier)
My friend: (getting two badminton rackets) "Okay, I just have to find the birdie and then we'll be able to play."

My daughter (looking confused) "We're going to hit a birdie?"

My friend: "Yeah. It's not a real birdie. It's plastic and has a rubber end."

My daughter: "Oh. Do you mean the shuttlecock?"

LOL! My friend loved this story--and so did we. My girlie is so smart.

Well, I had a busy weekend, but the highlight would have to be the Stainton Society Brunch on Sunday. The Stainton Society is a fundraising organization for the major hospital in our area. It was a lovely event held at Caesars casino in Atlantic City, where the guest speaker was Bob Woodruff.

(In case you don't know who Bob Woodruff is... He has worked as a journalist since 1989. In January 2006, he was a co-anchor for ABC News along with Elizabeth Vargas, and then later he became the first American news anchor to be wounded in a war zone in Iraq.)

Before the speaker was announced, they showed the exact film footage Mr. Woodruff and his ABC News team were shooting at the time, just before the bomb hit. He had been hit in many areas but one rock from the bomb had gone completely through his neck and had stopped a millimeter in front of his artery--which would have killed him within seconds. The people around him--including the Iraqi translator traveling with him--immediately applied pressure to his neck to hold off the bleeding until they could get help.

When they had gotten him to a hospital and after he underwent surgery, he was in a coma for about a month. While at his bedside, his wife began to write of her experiences with the whole situation. Then together, they wrote about his recovery and life now.

What an amazing and inspiring story. I really want to read their book, In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing

He's a wonderful speaker, but does suffer from TBI--Traumatic Brain Injury. He has set up a foundation for this health problem and proceeds from his book go to that fund.

What did you do this weekend?


Elle Fredrix said...

What didn't I do this weekend!
It was gorgeous here, so we get lots of yard work done. Cut down two trees that the previous owner had planted right beside the deck (bad planning, becuase eventually they'd rip out the deck) overseeded the lawn, put up a ceiling fan that was supposed to intall in 5 minutes, but took about 90 minutes and included work in the attic (yeah, I heard about that) and the list goes on!

ps - PM me through RD or send me an email (address on my blog) if you're still having problems posting on my blog.

Chicki said...

What did I do this weekend? Nothing nearly as interesting as what you did! Sounds fabulous. Bob Woodruff has such a fascinating story.

I got to see an old neighbor from New Jersey who was visiting Atlanta for the weekend. It was nice to reminisce and hear what the old neighborhood looks like now. For instance, he said the house my parents originally paid $25,000 for (including the lot) in 1950 just sold for $435,000! Is that insane or what? Since you're a Jersey girl, I know you can relate. Thank God prices here are so different. $400K will almost get you a mansion!

Chelle Sandell said...

I saw a special about Bob Woodruff's journey surrounding his injury. I knew about the problems facing veterans and hospitals because of my dad but it's scary to think about the future of the VA with the incoming amputees and brain traumas that they aren't prepared to handle.

We worked a little towards getting organized. Ack! I'll be living out of boxes for a year.

Angelle Trieste said...

Your kid's funny. :)

I had the entire week off, so I went to the flower festival. It was very neat.

BTW -- You've been tagged. Check out the rules.