Friday, June 15, 2007

Can't wait for October!

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, just when you've reached maximum concern that Fido might have too much stress in his life, a Japanese company has come out with a device to measure the stress level in cats and dogs. Your pet wears a small patch on their paw that changes color based on the amount of sweat. They are making one for humans now, too.
(Whew! Thank goodness.)

Well, I know summer has barely come, but today is one of those days when I can't wait for October. Yes, that's right. October.
And the reason is...

My birthday.

Ha! Just kidding. My birthday is in October, but that's not the reason I'm looking forward to the month. It's because the New Jersey RWA's "Put Your Heart in a Book" conference is in October! And today is registration. Yay!!

I had such a blast last year, came back with all sorts of notes, contacts from friends I'd met and tons of great books! This year I will have a roomie. Which will be extra nice.

Roomie, are you reading this? You better still be my roomie or I may have to come up there to New England, slap you around and drag you kicking and screaming to the conference myself.

**clears throat with some embarrassment**

But I digress...

Anyhew, I'm off to make sure I can get an editor appointment of my choosing and such.

Have a great weekend!


Chicki said...

I know what you mean. I'm so looking forward to the "Moonlight and Magnolias Conference" given by Georgia Romance Writers in September. Prayerfully I'll have the money for registration before it closes.

I've never been to a big conference before, but I hear they're great.

lainey bancroft said...

"..slap you around and drag you..."

Boy oh boy, a few gym sessions makes you downright aggressive. LOL!

Haven't done the conference thing yet, but I'm gearing up to try when there's one close enough. :)

Chelle Sandell said...

My b-day is on the 28th of Oct!

Annalee Blysse said...

I think I'd really enjoy coming over to the NJ conference. Sounds like loads of fun and I've met a new area writers it would be fun to catch up with and meet.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

I'm still your roomie, if you'll still room with me! :) I'm looking forward to October as much as you are. I just hope I have my YA book done so that I can pitch it along with my romances...oh, the stress!

Maybe I need a patch for the bottom of my paw.