Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not So Perfect Pitch

IN THE NEWS: According to the Associated Press, "In Punta Gorda, FL a police officer interrupted a couple's weekend sex romp on top of a 100-foot construction crane, but let them go with a warning. Police went to the construction site to investigate after bystanders spotted the couple climbing into the cab of the crane. An officer's command to come down was followed by a naked foot popping over the railing. The officer noted the couple then got dressed and climbed down.
The man, who worked at the site and had keys to the crane, told officers he was photographing the city skyline."

(Uh-huh. Right.)

Well, on Friday I mentioned that I had registered for the NJ writer's conference. I even made some editor choices. But ever since then I've been in a bit of a panic mode.


Well, come closer and I'll tell you. Closer. Closer. Still closer. Okay, good enough. No, maybe a little closer. Good. Here it is:

I've never pitched to an editor before.

Did you get that? Well, it's true. Oh, I've pitched a story before--online! In the comfort and safety of my own house/in my pj's/without anyone ever having to see my face. But never in person. Heck, I've only been on 3 job interviews in my life. I'm ill prepared!

Yes, I know I have until October to worry. But this is me we're talking about. I like to give myself plenty of worry time. It's in my nature.

Luckily, my forums have given me plenty of "research" material, so I can gear myself up.

So I'll share some here:

The art of pitch.

The art of pitch part 2.

Pitch perfect.

Sheesh. Let's hope by October, I'll have my pitch down pat and won't need note cards. If I do, it'll just be sad.

Have you pitched to an editor or agent before?


Elle Fredrix said...

Ooh, I'm sure it's a bit intimidating, but I'm also sure you'll do just fine!

And no, I've never pitched face to face.

Chicki said...

I've thought about this A LOT, especially since I joined GRW and their conference is coming up in September. The idea really scares me.

Thanks for the links. If we do what they recommend, we'll get through it!

Chelle Sandell said...

My hometown hosts the Red Dirt Book Festival and I will have an opportunity then...maybe.

Carpe Diem...or whatever! You Can Do It! You've got the perfect personality for it and plenty of time to work out what you need to say. Go for it honey-child!! What can they say...thank you?!