Tuesday, June 12, 2007

School's Out--Distractions In

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, there's a great butler shortage in Manhattan. The vice chairman of the International Guild of Professional Butlers said butlers are especially in demand for nouveau riche Wall Street millionaires. Apparently a good butler will cost you around $200,000 a year--but if they have a British accent, they can earn an extra $10-20,000.

(Whoa. I think I picked the wrong career.)

Now that my daughter's school has been out, I can barely read my crit partners work let alone do any writing. Every time I get on the computer, my daughter begs me to visit her Webkinz. (If you don't know what a Webkinz is, don't worry. You either don't need to know or you'll know soon enough)

So I came up with the perfect plan. I would take my daughter to the playground and then I would be able to do some work there. Sounds good, right?

Alas, wrong.

The playground was large and maze-like. What was I thinking? In order to properly keep an eye on my child, I had to keep getting up--which only added another distraction to my...well, distraction.

As a result, the countdown has now begun for the start of my daughter's art classes. Just a few more weeks. Yay!

It can't come too soon for me. This story I've been working on is setting a new World Record for longest time spent in the middle of chapter six. Ugh. It's a shame. My characters are so cute together. They really need to kiss soon. (We're ALL getting edgy as a result.) LOL!


I'm not getting interrupted now. Me thinks I will try to do a little work now. Muh-wah-ha-ha-ha. (evil laugh, although I'm not sure why I put it there)

We'll see how much work I can get done. Is anyone else dealing with distractions?

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Chicki said...

That butler story is interesting. There used to be a reality show on E! called "High Maintenance 90210. It featured a few different people working in the zip code for insanely wealthy people - a 27-year old butler, a nanny, and a chef. I loved it because it showed what the people have to put up with being employed by the rich and famous.

Thankfully I don't have many distractions because I'm at home by myself. My distractions are self-inflicted. I'm a web junkie in need of serious rehab...

A suggestion: if you have a couple of bookstores/libraries close by, you can take your daughter to storytime at each one. You can work close by in a relatively quiet atmosphere while the storyteller does his/her thing.