Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post Convention Envy

IN THE NEWS: According to happynews.com, Jessica Osborne, 20, received a gift from a family of regulars at the Pizza Hut where she works in northeastern Indiana. After chatting with the family about having to drop out of college twice due to lack of money, the family returned a week later and handed Osborne a $10,000 check with money from an education fund they had set up after a death in the family.
Now that's some tip!

Don't you just love hearing all the talk on everyone's blog about this year's RWA convention? I do. Sounds like people had a blast. I love hearing about all the "Nora" spottings and seeing all the fun pictures. I ALMOST feel as though I was there. ALMOST.

I'm getting the inside dish right now from one of my CPs, who had some extremely good news to share and is giving me the play-by-play of the entire week. Yay!! I'm loving each and every word of it.


Maybe one day I'll get to go, too. But alas, I'll have to be content, knowing I'll be at the NJ RWA conference soon.

Go me.

But I had some fun here while everyone was schmoozing it up in Dallas. For example, I hung around Romance Divas and read up on some of their fantastic workshops they had. I learned a few things, and I even won a door prize! What did I win? Why a critique from author Rhonda Stapleton! Woo-hoo!

Now I must get my partial in working order for that and try to finish up the chapter I'm working on. So I've got a busy morning.

Have you ever been to Nationals?


Chicki said...

The Romance Divas workshops were great! I didn't know you won a critique. Good for you!

I almost made it to the convention when RWA was in Atlanta last year, but got my registration in too late. This year I'm also looking forward to my state convention, "Moonlight and Magnolias" in September.

Valerie Everhart said...

Hey Jennifer, thats awesome about the crit you won!

And I know what you mean about Conference envy...I am going next year for sure!

Chelle Sandell said...

We've got our conference coming in November...I like the name of chicki's better though! Our's is something like the "Red Dirt Book Festival".

I want to try to go next year to San Francisco and maybe take hubby. Mom has timeshare so we could stay for free...Dallas was only a couple of hours away.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Yeh, Jennifer! I'm glad you won that critique. :) Congratulations!

What does Rhonda write? (Displaying my ignorance...)

Looking forward to NJ!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

I'm so glad--I hope my crit helps you!!

Cynthia--I write romantic comedy (published through Freya's Bower) and YA (my agent is shopping around my novel). I also do freelance editing. :D

DD said...

I didn't know you won a crit! How exciting for you - go girl! :)