Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Little Mermaid

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". Hosted a lovely BBQ yesterday, and today the daughter and I are going to do something fun and frivolous. Get our nails done! (Sometimes it's the little things.)

My daughter has been taking swim lessons these past few weeks. Yeah, okay. You're probably thinking, Um, that's kind of interesting, but so what?

Well, this is a big deal in her little life--and my life, too. Not just because this is a sign that she's getting older, but because she's had a tremendous fear of the water since birth. So this is a BIG DEAL.The fact that I didn't have to withdraw her from class (like I had to do last year) is a pretty major accomplishment in itself, too.

She did FINALLY learn how to doggie paddle when we were in the Bahamas in May, but she would not under any circumstance take any "risks" or let one drop of water touch her face. Thus, I decided to try the swim lessons again.

When she first started, I looked around at the other kiddies in her class and took heart that she wasn't "the worst" one out there. Now however, she's working even harder to do everything the teacher says, and she's putting her face in the water when she's waiting for the teacher. I think something has "clicked" now. Which is a BIG relief since we live near, um, THE WATER.

My mom never learned how to swim but she made sure all her kids knew. But to be honest, I don't think I learned how to swim until I was older than my daughter--maybe 6 or 7. And I only learned enough to "get by", so I'm not as strong swimmer as my hubby, who was on a swim team. (He was disgusted to learn I used nose plugs--and would still if he let me.)

I'm just so happy she's trying this year, which is telling me she's growing up. Which is reminding me that Kindergarten is around the corner. Oh dear. But that's a topic for another blog...

Are you a good swimmer?


Chicki said...

Good for her! I can so relate to fear of water, because even though I love the water, I'll only go in far enough to feel my feet leaving the bottom. Then it's back to the sand, railing, etc. for me!

Elle Fredrix said...

Yay! That is quite an accomplishment. I know several adults that won't even TRY to overcome their fears.

I'm not a strong swimmer, or even a very good swimmer, but I can swim. I love the water. Give me a pool noodle and a quiet lake or the ocean, and I'm happy for hours.

Chelle Sandell said...

Yay! For both of you! I'm scared to death for my little one because he is fearless. He swims under water holding his breath and is way too confident. I can't let him leave my sight for a second or he'll take off for the deep end.