Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 16

Thirteen Celebrity Hairdos
I've Worn (or tried to wear) On My Head

1....The Carol Brady Mullet --yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Only I didn't pick this out for myself--and I was THREE years old!

2.... The Toni Tennille-- Remember The Captain and Tennille? Hmm. Look here to know what I mean. It looked really cute when I was four.

3...The Farah Fawcett-- Lots of flipped out "feathers", a curling iron was a must, etc..

4.... The Olivia Newton-John-- I wanted to look like Sandy in Grease when she got all dolled up with those curls and stuff, so I got a perm. First big mistake in my hairdo ways. Second big mistake was having my mom do the perm.

5.... The Princess Diana-- Terrible terrible cut for me. I looked like a Beatle.
6.... The "Physical Tour" Olivia Newton John-- Since my hair was already kind of short, I tried something a little more fun. Plus I wanted to look as athletic and cool as she did with that headband. It didn't work out. I STILL looked like a Beatle.

7.... The Meg Ryan (From When Harry Met Sally)-- Let my hair grow and tried the perm thing again. I've since learned by erroneous ways.

8.... The Christie Brinkley-- Not too much to this haircut. It was basically long with a little bang in the front. Cute for my college days.

9.... The Veronica Lake-- WHO??? Doesn't anyone want Turner classic movies? Well, she was an actress from the forties (I think). So my dad informed me. Kind of had the long Christie Brinkley thing going but the top sides went over her one eye in a sexy manner. At least, I thought it was sexy. Kind of dumb now that I look back at pictures with hair in my face.

10....The Jennifer Anniston-- Oh, boy. Her hairdo on Friends was SO hot. I HAD to get on the bandwagon and try it, too. It wasn't exactly like hers but it was pretty close and looked good.

11.... The Courtney Cox-- Remember when all the girls on Friends cut their hair shorter? Oh. Well, they did. Here's proof. And I wanted in on it. Looked O.K on me.

12.... The Meg Ryan part 2--This time I brought my hairdresser a picture of Meg Ryans' short and sassy do from You've Got Mail. At the time, I LOVED it. It was a great cut and I got TONS of compliments from total strangers asking me who did my hair. But now when I look at pictures, I hate it. Go figure.

13.... The Kelly Ripa-- What I kind of have now--but Kelly Ripa the early years. All one length bob thing. And I even went a little blonder, too.

Have you had any celebrity hairstyles?

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Gina Ardito said...

I did a lot of those. How about the Dorothy Hamill? Or is that too old for ya? I looked like such a moonface in that cut. But, yep, just had to have it because it was all the rage. *shiver*

Jennifer McK said...

I did the Dorothy Hamill. I looked like a cabin boy.
Oh and the perm thing. *rolls eyes* It took forever for me to give up on it.

Adelle said...

Shuddering at the perm memory.
Funny how we all wanted to look like someone else lol
Happy T13!

Stephanie Secrest said...

I did the Meg Ryan/You've Got Mail cut too! And I did the Sam haircut from Stargate SG-1 there for awhile, but I can't remember from what season. It had to be from Season 3 and back, because I stopped watching the show after Season 5.

Paige Tyler said...

That's quite a list!


My TT is at

Savannah Chase said...

Wow i have never tried most of these..I am lucky to get to the stylist...

Savannah Chase

Heather said...

I can honestly say I've never had a celebrity hairstyle, though both yuonger sisters had the Dorothy Hamil when we were younger. I usually wore my hair between shoulder and waist length, before going chin-length bobs in college. I learned early to avoid perms, too. My hair just doesn't take to them. Fun TT!

Lia said...

Mine could be the canines I have worn on my head: poodle, puli, peakinese, and my fav, say it with me Shi Tzu.

Lesley said...

Yeah, perms never seem to be a good idea. I remember back in the early nineties when I got a spot perm. Just so that I could make my bangs as big as humanly possible. I look back at those year books and laugh my head off, because I remember that the coolest girls had hair the highest and really how uncool is that! LOL

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I remember struggling to get the Farah flip, what a nightmare. My hair never cooperated. The Dorothy Hamil was much easier and cuter too, but it would never work on me now. I've graduated to something more along the lines of The Bride of Frankenstein.

Lanie said...

I used to get hair styling ideas from famous people, but after a many disastrous cuts, I decided to quit getting them, hehe.

Elle Fredrix said...

Ah, straight, white girl hair. I'm not jealous. Really. :o)

Eva Gale said...

Another one for the Dorothy Hamil! For YEARS, I had that.

Amelia June said...

That's so funny because I'm working on a Kelly Clarkson look now (her and I share a round face, though I have about 100 pounds on her LOL)

Ember Case said...

I don't do "style". I do "comb it and pull it up out of the way".
I think I've been a mom too long >G<