Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen "Wish-I- Had-Thought-of-That" Blog Titles


1…. Postcards from the Slush Pile

2.... Scribblings

3.... Pointless Drivel **what I feel I write some days

4.... Yada Yada Yada **more of the same

5.... Spongeblog Square Writer **Tee-hee. Someone suggested this to me a few days ago

6.... Queen of Perseverance **because I sometimes think I am

7.... Brain-fried Writer**because I know I am

8.... Blogging with Scissors** Don't tempt me. I'll do it! I don't care what Mom always said.

9.... One Word at a Time** Unfortunately, that's all I write some days

10....Writeritis** I think I may have that

11.... Writer with Blogitude

12....Am I There Yet?** The answer would most likely be no.

13....Real Writers Don't Vacuum** My friend's blog title. Dang, wish I had thought of it.

Is it too late to change my blog title? LOL!

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Chicki said...

Some of those are great! I've considered changing the name of my blog several times, but couldn't come up with anything catchy.

I'm having problems with my blog right now, and nobody can seem to figure out what's going on. It looks like I'll have to post my Fun Friday entry without pictures.

Gina Ardito said...

OMG, those are fabulous! I love #5 and #13. Both got me snorting coffee.

DD said...

Those are some fun titles - thanks for the thoughts, now I've found a new way to procrastinate (like I don't change my website enough already?)

Tempest Knight said...

LOL @ at the titles. How about "Writers do it with words"? Happy T13!

Elle Fredrix said...

I'll add me, my muse and I! :o)

I often stumble across great names and covet them. Then I remind myself that that's bad thing.

Great list!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Those are funny!! I'd like to think of a clever one, too...

Debbie Mumford said...

Hey! We must have joined this madness at about the same time ... this is your 14th post, and my 13th! Woot!

Kate Willoughby said...

I love "Real Writers Don't Vaccuum." I embody that philosophy!!

Adelle said...

Great list.At least you have a name for your blog. I didn't even get that far lol
Happy T13!

Paige Tyler said...

Great list!


My TT is at

Lanie said...

So I guess "Lanie's Blog" isn't really creative then, huh? :|

Maybe I'll think of a witty one someday!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I love Blogging with Scissors. The images that it conjures up, lol

Robin L. Rotham said...

Yup, Blogging with Scissors is awesome, as is Real Writers Don't Vacuum.

Babe King said...

Now I have to think of clever blog names? Sheesh. I'm still working on titles. :-)

Ember Case said...

Oh, I've been to about half of those!
I spend too much time blog hopping.

Kissa Starling said...

I don't vacuum, therefore I am a real writer!

Priya said...

I too wish I had thought of some of those :)

Heather said...

Love the "Blogging With Scissors, " LOL. Great list!