Friday, August 3, 2007

Just a Few Things...

MENTAL STATUS: "Upbeat". Hubby's taking the afternoon off (hopefully) so we can go to the beach. It's too hot to go anywhere else. I mean, I feel like it's New Mexico hot here.

I saw this on Lesley Speller's blog and thought it was too cute not to post, too.

Your Nail Polish Color is Pink
How you're unique: You're girly without being high maintenance
Why your style rocks: You're the perfect blend of stylish, preppy, and cute
What this color says about you: "I am secure enough not to follow every trend"
What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?

I guess I'm a real girly-girl. Who knew?

I also wanted to post a few interesting things...

1) Like I'm almost done devouring--I mean, reading--the Donald Maas book Writing the Breakout Novel. I'm telling you, if you don't have this book and you want to write a single title book, GO BUY IT NOW.

It's that good.

2) Also if you want to enter the Romance Junkies writing contest this year... you can't. You missed the boat already. They stopped taking entries. But if you have some free time and want to read and comment for the writers who did enter, then go here. (They put up new entries every Friday.)

3) But it's not too late to enter this writing contest.

I think that's it. Whew!

Have a great weekend!


Margo Lukas said...

Your Nail Polish Color is Magenta

How you're unique: You're confident - and you show everyone the true you

Why your style rocks: You have the attitude to carry the most outrageous outfits off

What this color says about you: "Look at me. I know you want to!"

--hmmm, I didn't realize I want people to look at me...guess I should wear more makeup when I leave the house :)

I thought that book by Donald Maas was a great tool, also. It's on the list of books I recommend to writers.

Thanks for the few minutes of fun.


Valerie Everhart said...

Mine was purple, LOL!