Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Recap #16

IN THE NEWS: According to, a couple in Arkansas just had their 17th child--and it's a girl named Jennifer Duggar. (Nice name)
Among the ''fun facts'' listed on Discovery Health's Web page devoted to the Duggars: A baby has been born in every month except June; the Duggars have gone through an estimated 90,000 diapers, and Michelle Duggar (the mommy), 40, has been pregnant for 126 months--or 10.5 years--of her life.

I'll come right out and say we were rained on at the beach this weekend.

On Saturday, the weatherman predicted a slight chance of afternoon thundershowers--slight chance mind you. So we were surprised when our sunny day suddenly looked ominous. Then the rain started. Then the thunder. Then the rain stopped. Then some guy surf fishing caught a four foot shark that we were able to gawk at.

That was pretty neat!

After everyone took their pictures and whatnot, the fisherman threw the shark back into the water. We were able to see it swim off into the sunset--where it will most likely grow bigger and attack some unsuspecting surfer some day soon.

*sniff sniff* Excuse me if I get a little misty-eyed. But those little scamps grow up so fast these days...

Anyhew, after we waited out that short rain fall, the lifeguard said he saw lightning in the background so we had to leave the beach. Sigh. But when we returned home the rain came back and fell REALLY hard this time.

So, thank you, Mr. Lifeguard man. We would have been mighty unhappy if we were still on the beach.

We had some friends come over for dinner on Sunday and had a lovely time. And I think that was about it for the excitement for the weekend.

So what did you do this weekend?


Chicki said...

I SO wish I lived at the beach...

We did the usual -- church, went out for dinner yesterday, but for the most part stayed inside. It's been in the mid-nineties here and the humidity is off the charts.

Oh, my new local crit group met at my house on Saturday night. Now that's we've weeded out the slackers, it's a really great group.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Wow, my weekend wasn't so exciting...hahahaha. I did do some great brainstorming, though!! :D

Rhonda, who only has 2 kids and is JUST fine with that, thankyouverymuch...hahaha

Valerie Everhart said...

I'm sooooo envious of you going to the beach, even if it did rain.

I worked most of the weekend. Would much rather have done some writing.

So, I'm making up for lost time by blogging this morning rather than writing..makes sense to me!