Friday, September 7, 2007

All's Well that Ends Well

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, on May 15 a man blared "Last Christmas" from the seasonal Wham! album from 1AM until 4AM through a stereo while he was visiting friends in a suburb near Newcastle, England. Police eventually seized the stereo and gave him a fine--which was the first noise nuisance prosecution by the Newcastle City Council's Night Watch team.

Well, the first day of school went off without a hitch--for my daughter. She's a real trooper. I, on the other hand, was depressed. But also proud, too.

The school had a "first day of school bash" so the parents could come in and spend a few hours with the children, seeing them in their new environment before going home. After the parent assembly, we came back into the kindergarten classroom. The teacher--whom we now love--then said that if there was anybody who needed to go hug their parents, they could do so now.


My mouth dropped open. If anything, I needed a hug! So my hubby shouts out to her, "We'll remember this!" To which, my daughter just giggled.

That little knuckle head.

Anyhew, today wasn't as exciting getting her on the bus. But it WILL be a true test, since I won't be with her for half the day like yesterday. She's totally on her own.

So... now that I'm together, I'm in the process of getting back to the business at hand which has been so thoroughly neglected these past few weeks. Namely, getting a contest submission ready, responding to a few "bites" on a few stories I'd submitted, reading some of my CPs chapters, and getting the house in order. Whew! I only have until 1PM, so I hope I can get it all done.

Have a great weekend!


Elle Fredrix said...

New beginnings. They can be scary and wonderful all at the same time.

Valerie Everhart said...

You are doing great, Jennifer! We are all so proud of you, lol. Now, how much have you really gotten done?? Huh?

Stephanie said...

Great for her being such a trooper! Sad for you I know.

BTW, I want to hear about these "bites" you've got! Email me off here and tell me all about it!


Patricia W. said...

Applause, Jennifer. You made it through.

Even when it's not the first day of kindergarten, the beginning of the school year is always a transition. Now that the dust has settled, I'm focusing on writing. And I'm committing to start critiquing this month, as required.

Chelle Sandell said...

Yay! You go did it!! It'll get easier and you'll start enjoying your free time. Cayd was home sick 2 days and I was more than ready for him to go back today!

What bites?!? Spill girl...

Bella said...

I bet by today you're seeing how fast those few hours go. I swear, I drop mine off at 8:30 and I barely pick up around the house, shower, and eat a bite and have my hour on the computer before it's time to pick her up. Do you know there're states with a whole-day kindergartens?


Chicki said...

I'm glad to hear she adjusted so well, and I can feel you on the no hug thing. My youngest, on her first day at nursery school, just walked away and said, "Bye Bye, Mommy!" I wanted so tears or leg huggins or something...not really.

Spirit said...

Aww, way to go! That has to be double hard going to school and seeing your little one off to school in the same swipe. I know if my cat children had to go to school I'd be a very stressed mamma indeed.
Good luck on your contests!