Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Summer "Project" is Done

MENTAL STATUS: "Determined". I've no commitments today. I can just read and write. I'm determined to meet my writing goal.

In the summer I started a "project" of sorts. I'd hoped to take down the border in our guest bathroom and paint the walls.

Yeah. Right. The previous owners must have used Crazy glue to stick that border up, because I tried EVERYTHING, from vinegar, to fabric softener, to Diff. Nothing worked. This "simple" project became the chore of all chores. The bathroom became a disaster area. My hands were like two little wrecking balls aimed at tearing all the plaster and drywall around me.

Luckily, the hubby took pity on my pathetic uselessness and told me to hire someone.

And so I did.

I really wish I had taken a "before" picture, but it was so hideous, that last thing on my mind was to take a picture for someone to actually see. But the walls used to be DARK blue with this funky sea creatures border. I wanted to lighten it up and do away with putting up any new borders.

Now, looking at this picture you're probably assuming I painted the walls white. Kind of. They're actually blue.

My handyman painted the walls white but he did a "rag roll" technique to it--actually his wife did it. I was told I could have done it myself since Lowes has a kit you can buy, but I didn't want to chance ruining it.

Close up of the blue glaze.

It makes it look like wallpaper--with none of the mess if I decide to change it a few years down the road.

Whew! Now I can check "paint bathroom" off my list of home chores.

Are you handy around the house?


Chicki said...

That looks beautiful! I'm feeling you about stripping wallpaper. Ugh!

I did something similar in my office using the rag technique. My husband is a miracle handyman! We moved into our house in 1997 and have never hired anyone, except to install new central air. DH created my office in a raggedy porch off of the dining room. He installed a suspended ceiling, addded flourescent lighting, put in a window, insulation in the walls and drywall. He's amazing. I only do painting and decorating.

Right now we're working on doing over the back bedroom where my grandchildren used to stay. It's going to be a Moroccan-stye lounge.

MaryF said...

It looks great!!!!

Priya said...

i adore the touch of pink