Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Wednesday Wit

MENTAL STATUS: "Pleased." I did quite a lot of reading yesterday. (Oh, and a few errands around the house.) The pint of Chubby Hubby ice cream is gone, too. At least I won't have that temptation hanging over my head anymore.

As I stated, I did some reading yesterday. I even broke out Noah Lukeman's The First Five Pages. It's been a great read so far! It's actually kind of funny, which is probably why I'm liking it so much.

He posted something (before the introduction) that I thought particularly funny in the book. If you've all seen it before, well, excuse me for living in a box. But here it is:

Rejection letter from a Chinese publisher, from Louis Zukofsky's "A"

Most honorable Sir,
We perused your MS.
with boundless delight. And
we hurry to swear by our ancestors
we have never read any other
that equals its mastery.
Were we to publish your work,
we could never presume again on
our public and name
to print books of a standard
not up to yours.
For we cannot imagine
that the next ten thousand years
will offer its ectype.
We must therefore refuse
your work that shines as it were in the sky
and beg you a thousand times
to pardon our fault
which impairs but our own offices.


Have a good day!


Elle Fredrix said...

LOL. Now there's a helpful rejection letter!

Chicki said...

You beat me up this morning. Wow, posting at 5:58...

That's a great excerpt. I have to get that book. Not too long ago I read a series on characterization by Noah Lukeman. He's so knowledgeable, and yes, quite funny.

Valerie Everhart said...

LOL...yup, will have to go and buy it now. Thanks for sharing!!

Babe King said...

lol! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Kristen Painter said...

Now that's the one rejection I've yet to get...LOL