Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homey Don't Play That...Board Game

IN THE NEWS: According to FOX News.com, "Following three high-profile recalls by Mattel Inc. this summer involving millions of Chinese-made, lead-tainted toys, The Walt Disney Company will begin independently testing toys featuring its characters, company officials said.
Disney planned to inform Mattel and other toy makers about the program — which will include random tests of products already on store shelves — on Monday.
"It sends the message that we are looking over their shoulders," Disney consumer products division chairman Andy Mooney told The New York Times, which first reported the company's testing plans."

(I liked hearing that!)

Because of 9-11, it's Red, White and Blue day at my daughter's school. I knew that. But of course, being the bad mommy I am, I forgot and dressed her in pink. **sigh** Oh well, it also happens to be my niece's birthday today, too, so maybe I had that on the brain.

I'm having a hard time getting my act together, even though my daughter is now in school and I should have TONS (according to my hubby) of free time.

Yeah. Right.

Anyway, I WILL do at least two things today. 1) Read some chapters from my critique partners and 2) work on a contest entry. (Oh. And go to the cleaners and bank, yada yada yada)

But as I'm writing this blog post, I'm thinking about the dinner party I had gone to on Saturday night. There was really great food and conversation but then something happened.

The board game came out.


I have to admit, I'm always leery of board games (probably because I never played an organized sport in my life and have zero competitiveness in me). But once I start playing them, I usually have a good time. That night I did.

We played Apples to Apples. Funny game. I would consider buying this to have on hand in our house, because I'm sure when the little one gets older, she will enjoy playing this.

So, anyway, it was my turn to be the "judge", meaning we have a category and everyone else throws in there answer and I have to pick which one is the best. The category was "smelly". People threw in their cards. There was a lot of good ones to choose. For example: Spam, Tobacco Companies, Skunk, Chimpanzees, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. I narrowed it down to chimpanzees and skunk.

Then I finally chose Chimpanzees.

What? They ARE smelly!

Well, my b-i-l who thought he had the winning answer of skunk was shocked that I would pick chimpanzee over skunk--and, of course, he and everyone else would not let me live down this answer. (I'm still laughing over this) It was the running joke all night. Which is probably another reason why I'm leery when I see a game box being pulled out. I get picked on.

Do you like board games?


Stephanie said...

I'm totally with you Jennifer! I hate to get involved but once I do, I usually have a good time. Around here, at least before we had kids, board game parties were like once a week among our friends. There are some really funny ones!

And I think chimpanzees are smelly too! (But I wouldn't have picked it over the skunk, HA!)

Bella said...

I actually love them...fun ones, educational ones. I made my little ones learn about states and their products via a board game. Then I bought BEAT THE PARENTS and they totally thrashed me...thanks Jennifer, you've given me something to blog about.


Chicki said...

We have a bunch of board games here but usually only play them on the holidays. You know -- after Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter dinner to keep all the overeaters from falling asleep. There's Pictionary, Scattergories, Outburst, Scene It, and Taboo down there now, but I'm always looking for new ones.

Valerie Everhart said...

I love board games!!
And my competitive nature takes over. LOL. But....

I'd have picked skunk, too. You're weird like that aren't you Jen! Great article. No wonder you write rom com so good!!