Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vacation/Weekend Recap #19

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, the principal of New York City's Unity Center for Urban Technologies got fired from her job. Why? Maritza Tamayo forced teachers to participate in a voodoo-like ritual to cleanse the school from negative energy during the 2006 winter break. Apparently she hired a Santeria priestess to perform a chicken blood ceremony in the school and coaxed teachers to help pay for it.

Well, I'm back!! We had a very nice overnight trip to...


My hubby got half price tickets back in the spring and then we noticed recently that they were going to expire in September, so we had to hustle to use them fast.

We did the park all day Thursday--just doing rides. Very tame weenie rides, because my daughter is NOT the adventurist sort. But that's okay with me. I'm not either. So there were no roller coasters in our itinerary. (Yay)

So here's some pictures from our short trip:

My daughter on a kiddie ride.
Hershey Park also had a small zoo. That is a porcupine in a tree.

And a prairie dog.

They had an "Aqua-show" with sea lions.

Sea lion doing a trick.

The next morning we went to Hershey Gardens. In there, they had a butterfly house with...uh, lots of butterflies. My daughter LOVED this.

My daughter actually took this picture.

I think she took this one, too.

The whole time I was in Hershey I was craving chocolate, and the only chocolate I had was the little free piece they give you after the chocolate tour. At what seemed to be 50% mark-up, I couldn't justify buying any. It was just as well, because when we came home I realized I had 2 six packs of Hershey bars in my freezer. Thus, craving satisfied.
This weekend was BUSY--filled with a party on Friday, a BBQ on Saturday, a Birthday party/BBQ on Sunday and a BBQ on Monday. Whew!! I'm very tired and still trying to catch up on stuff around the house. We have TWO--yes, TWO--birthday parties today, so I know nothing will get done until tomorrow.
See you then. If I'm not in a coma.


Stephanie said...

Wow, sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend with the family! Glad to hear you could unwind a little!

Chicki said...

OMG! Hershey Park was one of my father's favorite places to take us when we were kids. Of course they didn't have the water show back then. At that time visitors used to be able to walk through the factory. They stopped the walking tours when people started seeing things they shouldn't -- like rats.

I'm glad Hershey Park is still around because most of the places we went to like Olympic Park (Irvington), Palisades Park (across from New York) and Freedom Land (where JFK Airport now stands) have all disappeared!

Glad you had a good weekend. Great way to wrap up the summer.

Valerie Everhart said...

I know what you mean about craving...I could use some chocolate about know, also. LOL. Great pictures. I wish I could take half as good pictures as your daughter does!!

Kristen Painter said...

We're going to Hershey Park next year for my BIL's birthday. He's a chocolate fanatic like none other. I plan to gorge myself until I'm sick and therefore, will want to avoid chocolate for the rest of my life.

What? It could work.

Tempest Knight said...

Awww... love the pics your kid took. *wg*

Priya said...

OMG! A Hershey Park? *eyes roll to back of head and mouth begins to foam*


Your child took a fab photo - she may be a photographer in the making.

Babe King said...

How fun is that? I want to come too. :-)

lainey bancroft said...

I was going to try and comment intelligently, great pics, wonderful vacation etc. but somehow I got hung up on that second last paragraph....two six packs of Hershey bars!!

mmm chocolate. :)

Patricia W. said...

LOVED Hershey Park. We still talk about the Hershey Balloo show, which was both entertaining and a bit laughable. Is it still running?

Sounds like you had a great weekend.