Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough (of me)

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "Federal authorities charged 33-year-old Jereme James with a single count of smuggling after accusing him of using his prosthetic leg to sneak live iguanas into the U.S. Prosecutors accuse James of cramming three endangered iguanas into a compartment in his fake leg before a return flight from Fiji. He apparently sold the lizards for $32,000."

I've been a bit behind on what I've wanted to post this week. So much to say, so little feeling like my old self. Been suffering with a cold these past few days, but I'm finally feeling better.

Anyhew... my friend and fellow writer, Chelle, tagged me (AGAIN) to post 8 random facts about myself and since you bloggers apparently can't get enough of me...

Here they are:

1) I've recently discovered a new love--Triscuits with Rondele Artichoke and Garlic spread on them. I think they've been the culprit behind my newly discovered weight again, too.

Curse you, Rondele, and your fatty goodness!

2) Some people are prone to fevers or sinus infections. Not me. Whenever I get a cold, it goes right to my throat. I need to keep throat drops around the house 24/7.

3) People think I look younger than 36. In fact, this past weekend I was approached by a woman who saw that I was wearing a Rutgers sweatshirt. She asked, "Oh, did you go to Rutgers?" I nodded. So then she asked, "When did you graduate?" I tell her. The woman gave me a marked frown and said, "Oh. I didn't think you were that old." I laughed, not sure if I should apologize for being so...old. Then she was quick to clarify that she thought I looked her niece's age--who is 25.

Oh, yeah. Go me. Go me.

4) Me, my daughter and my hubby all use the same hairdresser.

5) I love pedicures, but hate massages. (I get all stressed again when I realize how greasy I am afterwards)

6) I've never traveled overseas.

Maybe someday...

7) I was in the marching band in high school. Hey, don't laugh! I started out as a "pom-pom" but thanks to my keen coordination skills graduated to "rifle" the following year.

One time at band camp...

8)I used to have three beauty marks just below my left shoulder blade that formed a perfect triangle. This year I got a fourth feckle, which made it a perfect diamond.

Fascinating, isn't it?

I WILL tag some people in return, as bad-blogger punishment. Cyn and Valerie. You better post or else! LOL!


Chicki said...

So you were a marching band girl, huh? That's another thing about the living in the south that's so different. Down here everybody competes to be in the marching band. Every year a Battle of the Bands is held, and the schools go all out. High schools down here copy the black college bands. If you've never seen a black marchng band, one of the best is the Grambling University band. Check them out doing Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" --

DDMills said...

Go girl on that looking younger remark - that's a "up" moment if ever I heard one! And that freckle thing is weird :), but fun!

Chelle Sandell said...

Hey...I've got band camp stories;) I played the clarinet until I picked up a pair of drumsticks. But I became a traitor and made the pom-pon squad in college.

I make a MEAN spinach-artichoke's evil. Mayo, sour cream, butter and parmesan cheese. Cut up slices of foccacia bread and brush with olive oil and toast.