Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Recap #24

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". Daughter's school day is longer now--so I have more time to work on my story.

Well, it was my birthday this past weekend (in case you don't know by now). And like all regular birthday wives, I got showered with gifts, got taken out to dinner twice, was bought lunch, had my favorite baseball team win two playoff games and get into the World Series, went on a hayride, played miniature golf, and enjoyed the unusually warm October weather by taking a walk on the beach.

You know, standard stuff.

But the weekend wasn't all sunshine, sushi, and pumpkin patches. It ended terribly.

My hubby and my little girl got into an awful bike wreck right before my eyes on Sunday. The hubby was holding onto a free pumpkin we got as we were all riding our bikes home. (Hubby and daughter have a kind of tandem bike thing going on) Well, they went over one big bump and the hubby felt the bag breaking and the pumpkin falling out. In order to save the pumpkin, he lost his balance and the two skidded out and landed on their sides. They both got some pretty nasty scrapes--but it could have been A LOT worse.

Then halfway through dinner, I got a "family emergency" call and had to leave. I didn't get home until after well 11PM. So for a great weekend, it really ended on some major drama. Much like the baseball playoffs. Ha!
But all is well now. :)
So, what did you do this weekend?


Chicki said...

Glad your family is okay. It could've been much worse.

I went yard/garage sale shopping and stopped at several sales including a 50+ family yard sale sponsored by a local township recreation department and picked up some cool stuff REALLY cheap. Shopping outside when the weather is so perfect is one of my favorite things.

Tempest Knight said...

First, happy belated birthday! Sorry to hear you had that family emergency smacked in the middle of your weekend.

Lesley said...

Oh! I hope they are feeling better! How absolutely terrifying!