Monday, November 5, 2007

Back to Reality

MENTAL STATUS: "Unfocused". Ok, I need to calm down and start writing again. Everything kind of stopped once I got the e-mail from Samhain.

Sven Word Total: 0. (See above)

Thank you to everyone for all the well-wishes I received over the weekend. Gee, it's really nice to have friends.

And family. :)
I called my mom last week to tell her I sold a story and her reaction was quite comical. I think she was more excited than I was. I didn't even know she had taken an interest in my writing!
Even so, because she's not of the "writing world", I knew she wouldn't understand the complex differences of selling a short story to an e-publisher vs... say, writing The Da Vinci Code and selling it to Doubleday Books. But I tried my best to educate her.

In the end, she said she understood, but as I was explaining more about what I've been doing and writing about, she quickly interrupted me and asked, "Do you get to go on TV and talk about your book?"
At that point, I gave up and just laughed. Then she laughed, too. Then she said it didn't matter and as soon as we hang up she was going to call all her friends anyway. (That's my mom, for ya)

Anyhew, now that the excitement of my first sale has died down a bit, I can finally concentrate and go back to writing the story I've been struggling with--er, working on. I think I can concentrate now. Well, I'm going to try to concentrate. We'll see how that goes today. (Right after my room mom duty--and the mountain of laundry waiting for me, of course)
Life goes on.

How's your writing progress going?


Chicki said...

Your mom sounds like a real hoot! I'm glad she's happy for you.

You can read about my crazy weekend on my blog. Only five more hours to go...

Patricia W. said...

Nothing like the realities of kindergarten and laundry to bring you back to the real world!

Mom deserves a big hug!

Babe King said...

Awesomeness! I'm so glad for you. :-)