Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brian's Book

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "Clawing for freedom, a pack of lobsters high-tailed it out of an Asian supermarket in the early hours of Oct. 21 in Stuttgart, Germany. According to police, the crated crustaceans cut through a mesh fence before scurrying through a door a grocer accidentally left cracked. German night owls reported seeing a pack of fugitive crustaceans moving slowly down a street. "The breakout was successful," a police spokesman told Der Spiegel. Police rounded up the lobsters and turned them over to a local animal shelter."

I confess I don't watch Family Guy.

But some people I know do, and they directed me to this clip: Brian's Book.

I think anyone who writes can relate to Brian (the dog). Too funny!

Have a good one!


Tempest Knight said...

I don't watch Family Guy either. I've tried several times, but always end up changing the channel. I prefer South Park.

DawnB said...

Oh yeah, I can relate to that. Congrats on your first sale too!