Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thirteen Spices I Recently
Found in My Kitchen Cabinet


1.... Allspice-- I'm drawing a blank. What the heck would I use this for?

2.... Fennel Seed-- What is fennel?

3.... Cream of Tartar-- Ah, this reminds me that I used to bake.

4.... Poppy Seeds --Ditto

5.... Chinese Five Spice --Why? Why do I own this?

6.... Coriander Seed --Huh?

7.... Herbs de Provence-- Am I in Emmeril's kitchen?

8.... Celery Seed-- Sounds probable to have

9.... Mace-- I don't think I could use this to defend myself with.

10.... White Pepper-- Because they were out of black pepper?

11.... Turmeric -- Makes me think "chronic disease".

12.... Savory --Sounds like it would make things taste better... somehow.

13.... One whole Vanilla bean --I need to toss this. It looks dried out.


Gee, before I had a child I guess I used to cook some pretty interesting things. :)

Do you cook?

1. Elle Fredrix 2. Cassandra 3. Annalee Blysse 4. R.G. Alexander 5. Babe King 6. Gina Ardito 7. Tempest Knight 8. Jennifer McKenzie 9. Crystal Jordan 10. Jennifer Colgan & Bernadette Gardner 11. Elizabeth Parker 12. Rhonda Stapleton 13. Paige Tyler 14. Robin L. Rotham 15. Heather 16. Kate Willoughby 17. Ava Rose Johnson 18. Kissa Starling 19. Amelia June 20. Shelley Munro 21. Lyric 22. Debbie Mumford 23. Diana Castilleja 24. Adelle 25. Ciar Cullen 26. Marguerite Labbe 27. Lesley Speller 28. Stephanie Secrest 29. Savannah Chase 30. Lia 31. Kelly McCrady 32. Kaige 33. Tara S Nichols 34. Zara Penney 35. Regina Avalos 36. Alice Audrey 37 Darla

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Virginia Lady said...

I have to laugh since we've been working on cleaning out the cabinet that holds our spices and a variety of canned goods. All because a can of tomato something leaked nasty black stuff all over the place.

We ended up with numerous cans and other things in the trash. Many had Best By dates more than five years old, but my favorite one we missed. I found it last night while looking for Beef Boullion cubes. I found a jar of cubes that the pull date was 1994! Sad, particularly since I have a much newer small box that doesn't expire until May of next year. When in the world did I buy those other ones?

As for mysterious spices, I once had one of those spice racks that comes with assorted spices, but after several years I trashed it, I used two of the spices on it. I had no idea what you would use the others for. :-) No, I'm not a cook. You'd never have guessed, right?

Tempest Knight said...

I cleaned my cabinets recently too. Part of the pre-Christmas cleaning spree. heh! The only weird thing I found was lots of cans of meatballs. hehehe!

Debora said...

yeah - I'd wonder about the chinese five spice if that was in my spice cabinet. Have fun deciphering that the uses are!

Darla said...

LOL! I have lots and lots of jars of spices. I used to cook much more adventurously than I do now--mostly because my current kitchen is the size of a broom closet.

Angelle Trieste said...

Herbs de Provence...mmm...I would love to have that. I wouldn't mind allspice either. :)

Alice Audrey said...

Trashed it?! Nooooooo. Give it to me!

Alice Audrey said...

Oops. Forgot the URL -

Patricia W. said...

I love spices. The more, the merrier.

Some recent ones I've acquired include cardamon, dill, ginger, Cajun spice mix, and Jerk spice mix. I'll almost any spice at least once.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

I suppose if you threw the mace in the air and screamed "Fire!", you might be able to run a few steps before you were caught by the mugger/alien/being who was trying to assault you...maybe you could hit them with the vanilla bean?

Thanks for the list! LOL!

amanda rae said...

what is fennel?? and just one whole vanilla bean? why just one? hahahha!!

happy tt!