Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thirteen of the Christmas
Cookies I Make


1. Hamantashen (yeah, yeah. I know it's a Jewish cookie, but it's been in my family for a long time) But we sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

2. Almond Crescents

3. White Chocolate Cranberry cookies

4. Rum Balls

5. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie

6. Snowballs

7. Sugar Cookies

8. Spice balls

9. Caramel Pecan Cookies (they taste like mini pecan pies)

10. Chocolate Almond-Dipped Cookies (yummy, but a real pain in the neck to make)

11. Chocolate Chip Cookies

12. Walnut Clusters


Chicki said...

Now you've gone and done it. That was not what I needed to see first thing in the morning. Suddenly I want something sweet with my tea...

Tempest Knight said...

OOohh.... these look YUMMY!!!

lainey bancroft said...

Mmmm. One of each, please.

Pretty please? =)

Virginia Lady said...

I remember my mom making rum balls when I was a kid. She made some with a little rum for the family and some with a lot for the adults. I accidently got an adult one once. Wow! A real eye opener.

I have to share this site

They have practically every cookie you could ever want. I just found it this year and it looks like I'm not going to be able to bake much, we're traveling this year, but I'm thinking for January I may do some sort of cookie party and make some new recipes.

Prixie said...

I'M DROOLING....i love biscuits so much i can gladly live on them!

Debora said...

A few I haven't tried on that list - I might have to up my cookie baking list this year! thanks for the great list - but how come those aren't pics of your actual results - we want to see that :)

Alice Audrey said...

Mmmmmm.. ooooo.... No fair! You're making my mouth water and I've already gained 10 pounds this month.

Patricia W. said...

Sugar cookies, hands down. Because of all the fun you can have decorating them. I'm committed to 150 cupcakes for various school events but I think I might be able to squeeze in a batch.

Kelly McCrady said...

I love Russian Teacakes.

Hubby insists that I make his favorite, chocolate crinkles, every year--they're a pain to make 'cause the dough is runny. You have to chill it to work with it and keep it chilled between batches. But they are soo goooey-yummy. He got the recipe from his school cooks in high school. Remember the dark brown chocolate cookies with the split tops and powdered sugar? That's them.

Harris Channing said...

Where are the snickerdoodles?

MMMM yummy list!


Gina Ardito said...

And it's snowing here so I have no excuse not to pull out the flour and get started. Thanks for some yummy new additions!

Adelle said...

White Chocolate Cranberry... oh my! Now I have an urge to make cranberry cheesecake lol
Happy Holidays!

Heather said...

And I thought my place smelled good last weekend with all the chocolate candies and cookies I was making - yours probably smells even better!

(BTW, did you see the recipe posted just before my TT? *weg*)

Lesley said...

Okay, I know it's not really a cookies, but I just want to add to this tempting assortment Divinity. I neeeeeed to make some. It's so yummy! We'll see if I can summon the strength this year or not.

Stephanie said...

Ugh, I think my butt just gained 10 pounds just reading your blog. I'm apparently (if previous pregnancies are any indication) having another girl because all I'm craving is SALTY! In fact, thinking about eating cookies right now just makes me want to toss them. :o) But if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be saying YUMMY!!!!!

Angelle Trieste said...

Ack! You're gonna make me FAT!