Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Casualty

MENTAL STATUS: "Rushed". Trying to get everything ready so I can head out the door to my mom's house. Going to paint some more today.

Before I go, I have a sad Christmas story to tell you. Tragic, really.

My little girl had a Secret Santa workshop at her school yesterday. For one dollar each present, the children can buy their family members a gift for Christmas. I sent her to school with $2--one for my gift and one for her father's gift.

Later that day, she rushed off the bus to greet me with the biggest smile ever and said, "Happy Christmas!" as she lifted up her bag of presents to me. It was so sweet. Truly.

After we walked home, she couldn't contain it any longer and told me to open her gift now. (She was so happy and excited. Which makes the story all the more heart wrenching). So, I reached into the bag and pulled out a large blue coffee mug. It was quite pretty and perfect for me, since I like nothing better than a big cup of coffee in the morning, but when we looked at it closely, we noticed it had a fairly large chip on lip.

Well, my daughter took one look at the mug and started to cry. My heart broke into a million pieces then, because the poor thing wanted nothing better than to give me a special present and now it was broken. I tried to console her the best I could, and said that maybe Daddy could fix it. Then I ran my hand over where the chip was and then... the entire side of the mug went down .

Oh dear. More tears from my daughter. And then my hand started to bleed. The mug had cut me.

My daughter looked at my hand and cried, "Mommy, don't you move! I'll get the band-aids." Off she went to get the kitchen stepladder which she managed to wedge into my tiny bathroom. I started to laugh at this point. What started out to be a sweet intention turned into this major fiasco.

My poor little girl. She is really the sweetest thing ever and my heart went out to her. It was probably devastating to her. But I'm going to write this day down in the journal I keep for her because it's a sweet memory for me anyway.

(PS. My hubby got a nice soft unbreakable hat.)


Tempest Knight said...

Awww.... the poor sweetie. It's a good idea that you keep this in a journal. A few years from now, when she's older, she might read the entry and see the whole experience in a different way. I'm sure then she'll laugh about the whole thing.

Chicki said...

She sounds like a little darling with such a pure heart. You're so blessed to have her.

Debora said...

So sweet! Cute story - how's the hand by the way?

Stephanie said...

How sweet! She sounds like she has a tender heart. I can't wait for those kinds of things!

Eileen said...

Great story. My parents remember me wrapping up odds and ends, broken toys, silverware and then racing out to make them open up "their presents" this apparently would go on through out the Christmas season. I'm hoping I've become a better gift giver.