Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time to Cut the Cord?

IN THE NEWS: According to FoxNews.com, GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. — Sister Kathy Avery won't put up with swearing on the playground at her school, and she's not above repeating the offending language to make sure everyone understands which words she won't tolerate. The principal of St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School had students stay after a Mass last month and informed the fifth- through eighth-graders that she has a zero-tolerance policy for cursing. Just in case anyone wasn't sure what she was talking about, Avery read off a list of the very words and phrases that she was banning.
"It got a little quiet in church" during her talk, she told the
Detroit Free Press."

Sorry to go on and on about Christmas cards, but the hubby has been on my case about them again. He's been analyzing my list, wondering why I'm sending cards to people we've had no contact with throughout the whole entire year. Huh. The nerve. Well, I'll tell you, my answer to that is...

I. Don't. Know.

I just don't know. Our Christmas card list is pretty sad, now that I look at it. It's become an ever growing list of hanger-ons: relatives I haven't spoken to since my wedding, friends I haven't seen in over ten years, and my boss from eight years ago. Why? WHY???

Why haven't I pruned our Christmas card list up this point? Memories? The hope I'll meet up with this person again or at the very least get an e-mail? Beats me. It's kind of silly when you think about it. Basically, the cards I've sent out all these years have become a pathetic message of "Hi. Yes, we're still alive. I see you are too. That's nice. Carry on. Oh, and Merry Christmas."

So I will resist sending certain cards out. I've already set them aside. They look so lonely. But I guess it's time to be strong and cut the proverbial cord. Sorry, people. Look on the bright side. If you're reading this, then we've obviously had contact and therefore you probably aren't getting cut.



Anonymous said...

why cut anybody out? I don't get why you want to change something that's so tender about yourself. What so pathetic about being a sweet, kind Human being?

Besides, you have a book coming out. Put your blog address and something about ROAL inside the card! Promote, promote, promote!

Patricia W. said...

Look at it as your one touchpoint during the year. And, if you're getting a card in return, what's the harm?

The expense is a consideration, of course. But don't be guilted either way. Think about what really works for you guys.

So Hubby will be doing the card thing next year, right?

Stephanie said...

I still get cards from family I haven't seen in probably 18 years. I love to hear something from them, even if it's a "hope this finds you all doing well". I'm sure they appreciate the cards, especially if they have pictures of the whole family or even just the kiddo so they can see how they're growing and what you look like. Ok, maybe not your old boss, but I'm sure family will!!! ;o)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, if I get a card, then one will go out in return.

With my writer/business card inside. LOL!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! I just got an e-mail from my friend I used to work with (and by the way, I'm sending a Christmas card to) and he told me my old boss doesn't even work for the district anymore. LOL!

Ok. He's definitely cut.
(unless I get a card form him)LOL!

Chelle Sandell said...

I've quit sending to anyone except close friends and family members. But I do keep a few extras around for quick sends in case I get a stray surprise card sent to me.

Chicki said...

I cut my list waaay back -- to zero. We call the people we love who live far way on Christmas Day, and we see the others.

Guess I'm just a grinch...