Tuesday, January 22, 2008


IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "If you want the specialty hot wings at Jake Melnick's Corner Tap in Chicago, you'd better bring a pen. The owner says his Red Savina pepper wings are so hot, he's requiring patrons to sign a waver promising not to sue for injuries. The owner also plans to serve the dish with an actual alarm bell--so that flame-mouthed customers can get spice retardants like sour cream and bread should they be too scorched to ask for them."

Well, I didn't get a chance to shampoo my rugs--DRAT--but we did go see the new Veggie Tales movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Loved it! Funny for adults and the kiddies. (Best of all is the subtle message of needing an external power to draw strength from to overcome their flaws and face evil) Very well done.

I'm actually jonesing to try out my shampooer. Sad, but true. And as soon as the girlie goes to school, I'm trying it out in her room.

Oh, and before I forget the whole "eureka" title, I wanted to announce that after my good friend, Debra Dennis, talked me off the ledge and slapped me to my senses on Friday, I was finally able to get some real progress on my website. In fact it's almost done. Yay!

So I'm going to tinker with fonts today and then work on my story.

Happy writing!


Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Yeh! I'm so proud of you, lady. Can't wait to see that website!

Debora said...

Thanks for the kudos, but really, you were almost there! Now let's see that finished product :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing can drive you crazier than building your website!

Best of luck!

Kristen Painter said...

You can use your shampooer at my house any time.

Patricia W. said...

Keep at it. I'm betting it's going to be a great site.

Going to see the VT bunch this weekend.

Chicki said...

I love the Veggie Tales! My grandkids have all the videos/DVDs.

Glad your web site is coming along. Can't wait to see it!