Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Up! (Finally)

MENTAL STATUS: "Pleased". Did a little writing yesterday, so that's always a good day.

Well, after many headaches and much wrestling around with htmls and ftp stuff, I finally have a website home. Of course, those of you who know me fairly well will see that I kept the Dunkin' Donuts theme going. I LOVE Dunkin' Donuts so!

Maybe I could put their logo on my site and charge advertising money...

Anyhew, before I post the link, I feel I should post a disclaimer of some sort first: Keep in mind, it's not quite done and I did it myself (with the help of Two Girls Design template), so it's not anything that has bells or whistles.

There. I guess that's enough of a disclaimer.

So here it is: My Website.

Feel free to comment. (Or suggest improvements) :)


Virginia Lady said...

Love the site, Jennifer!
And here's a little known fact for you, did you know that in Virginia, it is illegal to serve sangria in restaurants? Evidently there is some law left over from prohibition that makes it illegal to mix wine or beer with other spirits.

What I want to know is who came up with such a specific law in the first place.

Congrats on getting your site up, and btw, I have a Hoover Windtunnel. Love it, but I'd love a new kirby better, they're lighter and work even better. :-)

Marcy said...

Love the new site, Jennifer. And the colours are fab!


Anatis said...

Jen... it's...PINK.

*runs like hell*

Marianne Arkins said...

I love the site! Of course, I'm a huge fan of pink :-)

Just one little thing -- some of your sidebar links are underlined, and some aren't.

Otherwise, lovely and funky.