Tuesday, January 29, 2008


IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "At first, it seems like Disney World would be the last place it would make sense for a restaurant to ban children under 10. But Victoria & Albert's general manager Israel Perez is banking on the idea that his swank restaurant's new kiddie-unfriendly policy will be just what Disney-weary adults crave. 'We want to be the restaurant that's available for that adult experience,' he said, drawing sharp distinctions between the restaurant's strict age and dress code and the Disneyfied outside world of T-shirts, mouse ears, and crying children. In an editorial, the Orlando Sentinel lauded Victoria & Albert's policy: 'Think of how many more adults might be willing to pay that kind of money for a meal if they knew going in that they wouldn't have to suffer any loud, ill-mannered tots, as they may have earlier in the day at the Magic Kingdom.'"

I looked at my synopsis this morning and realized I have not done any real writing for over a week. Well, that stinks. My, how time flies. But I've been busy--as you all know--filling the time with endless vacuuming, website design, carpet shampooing, and horrendous painting episodes. Then I had another realization. I have nothing to feel guilty about, because I'm in my nesting stage.

Yeah, that's right. Nesting stage.

Many pregnant women go through a nesting stage--that powerful urge to prepare their home for their baby by cleaning, organizing, and decorating. And that's what I'm doing now!

Oh. Well, yes, I know I'm not pregnant, but, you see, I'm preparing for my first round of edits that are due to come this week. My manuscript is my baby, and gee, I haven't seen her in many months. (She's a girl, you know) Mmm-hmm, makes perfect sense. I hope.

Anyhew, I think I'm done now. Nesting, that is. I don't think I have any other "plans" on the horizon. I can finally sit down and write.

Of course--with my luck--today will probably be the day the edits come and I won't be able to resist tackling them immediately.

Have you ever gone through a writing "nesting" stage?


Chicki said...

That hasn't happened to me since I've been writing. I guess because I was so tired of working on my house, I wanted to do something else. Once I did have two weeks where I just wanted to read and not write a word.

Sometimes it's good to take a break, because when you get back to writing you'll be refreshed and ready to roll.

lainey bancroft said...

Ya scared me for a minute there! Thought I'd missed some big announcement. :)

I'd like to call it nesting, but I'd be lying. When I go off on housecleaning tangents it is usually so I can avoid a misbehaving ms. :(

FYI on the bathroom. Had a similar disaster. A blue that didn't go on the walls anywhere near to what I'd envisioned. Rather than starting from scratch, I texture painted over it in silver metallic. Gave it terrific depth and brightness. I bet if you could find a copper or bronze metallic it'd be beautiful. As an added bonus, metallic paint is tough, you can take a pot scrubber to toothpaste splatter and muddy hand-prints without hurting it!

Marianne Arkins said...

Um.. yeah -- It's got another name: procrastination.

But, hey, I didn't nest when I WAS pregnant. My husband did.

"Honey, I'm in labor."

"Wait! I need to vacuum!"

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Gee...you had me all excited there for a minute. Ah well. Enjoy the nesting. :)

Are you sure you're just not procrastinating? LOL.


Shelley Munro said...

Yes, with me I'd definitely call it procrastinating ;-)
Happy nesting. It's not long until your new book arrives.

Prixie said...

never reslly thought of it that way, you know. but happy writing anyway !