Friday, January 4, 2008

Setting Goals for 2008

MENTAL STATUS: "Determined". Doing a little strategic planning for the new year. (See below)

Ah. The first of the New Year... when the talk of resolutions and goals are on every writer's--and their mother's--blogs. *sigh* So, yes. I'm afraid I must join in and give you my take...

Go get your cup of coffee first. I'll wait.
You're back? Good.

Let me start off by saying that I wasn't going to make any resolutions this year, but after a half serious talk with the hubby, I decided that if I wanted my life better, why wouldn't I want to set some sort of goal. If I don't set some sort of goal(s) now... then when?

Do I want things to be the same as last year? Heck, NO. So, when--if not now--would I strive to make some important goals in my life and actually strive to attain them? And believe me, I'm not talking about bland resolutions like "try to be nicer to my sister", "try to eat healthier" or "try to give more of myself" blah, blah, blah goals. I'm talking about listing a definitive plan for the new year and then actually--heaven forbid--putting it into action.

Now, my hubby is all for this, because he is a goal setter. But, not only is he a goal setter but he's disciplined and actually attains most-- if not all-- of his goals that he sets. (Must be all those years of high school wrestling)

In fact, he recently went to a seminar given by Ron Carsen and learned some valuable ideas on achieving success in your business that he has put into motion. The hubby is in the financial business, but the same principles can be applied to writing.

Um, my business.

*One of the things the hubby shared with me is to set reasonable goals, but goals that aren't too easy, either. In fact, make sure most of those goals are 50% achievable. Studies actually show that when you set goals that you have a 50/50 chance of completing, 80% of the time, you achieve them.

*Don't make a list of goals/resolutions and file it away, only to realize a year later that you haven't reached any of them. Have your sheet of goals out where you can see it. EVERY DAY. Like on your desk. (This actually should be a no-brainer, but how many people do this?) I plan to. Now.

*Make a list of goals MONTHLY, instead of for the year. Are you going to write that chapter or book or lose weight in the foreseeable year, or do you plan to pinpoint a date?
I've made a list of things I want to achieve in the new year and now I plan to subdivide those goals according to month.

So that's what I'm doing for the next half hour. There are some things in my life and writing I want to change and/or take hold of more. For me, now is the time to start.

Here's to a smarter way to make my resolutions and a more productive 2008.

Have a great weekend!


Prixie said... me thinking about reallyr realising my goals. Very practical indeed...

May your 2008 be great

Stephanie said...

Congrats! I've made a couple of resolutions myself, but I told myself this year it's no biggy if I don't achieve them. I'll get serious in '09 when, hopefully I'll have a break (ok, be DONE!) with having kids. My #1 resolution for '08 is to NOT get pregnant again! ;o) They're such little blessings but my body needs a HUGE break! So I guess #2 is schedule the ole snip snip for the hubby sometime before July. Of course, I realized in '07, we're totally not the ones in control! I knew it but I think it hit home for me this past year when I got pregnant on birth control. Good luck in '08! Make all your dreams come true! (You got a great start in 07 with publishing your first book!)

Patricia W. said...

Hubby's got some good tips. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for your goals in '08!

Virginia Lady said...

I agree with the placing your goals where you can see them. I had goals last year, but I have no idea where I wrote them down or if I accomplished them all. I know one was to lose 10 pounds, and I did that, and one was to actually finish a book. I did that too, but I know there had to be at least five goals, and I can't for the life of me remember what the others were.

This year I've posted my goals on my blog, and I've got a page in my planner, so I see it regularly, but I'm also going to take your advice with the monthly goals and break down those year-long goals into monthly bits.

Thanks for the tip!

Eileen said...

Every week I stick an index card on my bulletin board with what I want to accomplish that week. When I accomplish the task or goal it gets a star. If I don't it gets an arrow which means it's pushed to next week. I LOVE the feeling of sticking a star on there.

Chicki said...

Excellent points, Jen. I like Eileen's idea about the stars. Think I'll try that one.