Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Must Have How-To Books

IN THE NEWS: According to HappyNews.com, "Drink up, Los Angeles.
The city's residents have the tastiest tap water, according to the judges of the world's largest and longest-running water tasting contest.
The 18th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting was held Saturday, with more than 120 waters competing for top honors.
Sparkling, tap and bottled water from 19 states and 9 foreign countries, including New Zealand, Romania, Macedonia and the Philippines, were judged by 10 journalists and food critics.
Judges based their rankings on taste, odor, mouth feel, aftertaste — and checked to make sure nothing was floating in the water.
The title for Best Municipal Water in 2008 is shared by Clearbrook, British Columbia, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which serves Los Angeles."

I love finding out about new writing books--not that I have time to read any right now. But I like to know about them and have a list so when I do have the time, I can go directly to them.

This month's Romance Writer's Report recommended quite a few that I've never read or even heard of before. So I immediately marched down to my local library and requested

Make Your Words Work by Gary Provost

Diana Cosby recommended it. It should be in fairly soon. Can't wait!

What's one of your favorite writing books?

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Chicki said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I'll add that to my list.

I have a lot of writing books, and many of them didn't do anything more than confuse me... But my absolute favorite is THE NOVEL WRITER'S TOOLKIT by Bob Mayer. It's easy to understand and sprinkled with humor, something we all need when we're trying to get a story onto paper.