Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My cover!

MENTAL STATUS: "Elated". I finally have a cover and it's beautiful! Woo-hoo!

A few days ago, my cover artist--Angie-- e-mailed me with what she came up for as my cover for my book The Role of a Lifetime. I'll be honest and say it took me a few minutes to look. I was dying to see it, but I was also scared. What if I ended up with Fabio in a pirate's costume? (Long story. You need to read the book to understand)

Well, when I finally got enough nerve to hit the link, I was floored. It's like a million times better than what I was expecting. But we did make a few changes. We got rid of the spider I had orignally suggested (Again, long story. You need to read the book) It wasn't as clever an idea as I had thought. What do I know? So the spider is gone and now I have this cover, which has just been approved.

And that's when it hit me.

My story is finally coming together. Wow. It's so strange to see something representing your work. To see my name and the title. I'm very excited.

So tell me. What do you think?


Chicki said...

All I can say is "Wow!" I am so excited for you and can only imagine how you're feeling right now.

All of your RAH sisters are SO proud of you.

lainey bancroft said...

Awesome, Jennifer!

Angela Jefferson said...

Fabulous cover! Perfect for the story!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOVE that cover!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh WOW, Jennifer! It's GREAT! It's so good! Hubby and I tinker in this kind of stuff all the time and it's a lot of work, so give Angie an extra thank you! She did a great job and you gave her a lot of great stuff to work with, I'm sure!

Now, I'm REEEEEEEEAAALLLLLLY jealous. *wink*

Valerie Everhart said...

Totally awesome cover!!
I can't wait til your book is out, though. I am so happy for you. Doesn't it make you want to just keep staring and staring at it, lol!!!

(Fabio in a pirates costume...ROFL!)

Valerie Everhart

Patricia W. said...

Beautiful cover. Romantic. Congrats!!!

Virginia Lady said...

I love the cover! It makes me want to open the book and see more! Congrats!

Annie Doyle said...

I love your cover!!! It is gorgeous and you have every right to be elated! Congrats

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Love the cover!@!!! Did you brag about this at RD? I missed it! Gorgeous, Jenn.

Eileen said...

Love it- the font says "old Hollywood" which contrasts great with the pictures. I like the angles too- I think they'll catch a reader's eye- and it's all about eye catching!

Print it out and blow it up huge for your house

Gwen Mitchell said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations!!