Wednesday, April 2, 2008


IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "Esther Viti, who arranges for donated park benches in La Jolla, Calif., emailed other activists in early March seeking volunteers for a plan to prevent homeless people from sleeping on area benches. Her plan: If her troop of would-be seat-savers could occupy all the benches—in three-hour shifts—the transients would have no option but to seek a sleeping spot elsewhere. A week later, Viti still didn't have a volunteer."

The kiddo's birthday is today. The big 6. She's getting so old. **sniff sniff**

Unfortunately, she woke me up at the unearthly hour of 5:26AM to see if she could open her gifts. I croaked, "Go back to bed." Well, she did. In my bed. Then she proceeded to flounce and kick restlessly.

I should have just gotten up when she first woke me up. Grrrr.

So today I'll bring in cupcakes to her school and then she'll have two--yes, TWO--parties this weekend.

Spoiled child.

(But mommy still loves you)


Virginia Lady said...

Ah, the memories. My second son was like that, waking early for presents. Fortunately my youngest, who is now eight sleeps a little later and now knows waking mom early is NOT a good thing. :-)

I have to admit we haven't braved multiple parties, but I have been willing to let a dozen kids into my small house and do the party thing at home.

I've got it down to a science now. Kids decorate a bag or chinese takeout box as they arrive. They use box for a treasure hunt in our front yard. Then we move to the back where we have an obstacle course laid out. Then cake and presents, though not necessarily in that order. And any leftover time or kids at the end get to play wiffle ball in the back.

Good luck this weekend and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Fionn J. said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Maybe your husband can plan a special party just for the two of you...:) especially since you're the one who had it so tough bringing your girl into the world.

My dad has this tradition of giving my mom a bouquet of roses everytime it's my birthday, and I like that sentiment. Mothers need to be more recognized!

Sasha Allgood said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddo! I hope it's a fun day for everyone.

Congratulations on your book! You must be so excited. (I know I would be.)

Thanks again for stopping by the Romance Roundtable blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Come back any time. We're always glad to see you.

Stephanie said...

How sweet. Six. Wow. Seems just like yesterday I was turning six and now I have a kid who'll be the same age in less than 4 years. Insane!!! Happy birthday kiddo!

Chicki said...

It amazes me how kids get multiple parties now. My grandson Darius's birthday was yesterday. He had a party at church last night, the family party is Saturday and my daughter and her husband are taking him to Thomas the Train Land at Six Flags on Sunday. Lucky three-year-old. I remember when we just got cake and ice cream...

Happy birthday to girlie!