Thursday, April 3, 2008

Idol Chat

MENTAL STATUS: "Overwhelmed". Trying to do too many things this week and I'm feeling the stress.

Did you watch American Idol last night? This is the one show I devote my full attention to every week. It's pure gold.
Dolly Parton was the mentor this week. I just loved her bubbly Jesus-loving attitude. It was so refreshing. Who couldn't help but smile when she tried witnessing to Simon? LOL!

Anyhew, I've got my four favorites posted here. Brooke, Michael Johns, David, and Carly. Actually, they're all so good this year, it's really hard to pick just four.

I have to say, Simon was extra PICKY this week. All that talent and no one made him happy. And he said he likes country music. Yeah. Right.
Although, I think he had a point in one of his snarky comments to Carly. She really does need to start dressing more like a "star".
Have you been watching this year?
Who are your favorites?


Debora said...

I have no favorites, since I don't watch - but I'm glad you get that time to yourself every week. :)

Stephanie said...

Stink, you've got me on this one. Out of all the TV I watch, this is the one that's burned out for me. I watched Kelly, Fantasia, and Ruben, but after that, I lost interest. Perhaps I should begin again?

Chicki said...

This year's crop is really boring to me. There isn't anyone who's a powerful, WOW! singer. Michael Johns (the Buckhead Atlanta kid) is the only one I like.

Last night I actually fell asleep before it was over.

Annie Doyle said...

I'm with you, I love Idol too. And we share three faves in David, Michael and Carly and also those comments - Simon was very picky.
Regards Annie