Friday, April 11, 2008

Gone Baby Gone?

IN THE NEWS: According to Weird Philly News, "A weekend wedding turned into an unforgettable first night for two CA newlyweds. Police said a bride and groom spent their first night as a married couple in jail after their wedding party at a Vallejo home got out of hand." See more HERE.

Ok. Who watched American Idol last night? Was I the only one who actually felt sucker punched when they announced Michael Johns was going home.

Holy smokes, I could think of at least three that should have went before him.


I still need a moment to recover from the shock.


Diane Craver said...

Hi Jennifer,
I don't watch American Idol. I'm probably the only person who doesn't.:)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think that is so wonderful you help medical and pharmacy students in Russia.

Have a great weekend!

Chicki said...

He was robbed!

This is the reason I gave up on Idol last year. Melinda Doolittle was hands down the most accomplished singer and "America" voted for Jordan Sparks. I liked Jordan okay, but that's when I really understood that Idol is a popularity contest driven by adolescent girls not a singing contest.

So I watch something else on Tuesday and Wednesday nights now.

Debora said...

Can you believe I still don't watch that show? Sorry you were unhappy with last nights verdict though...waaa...