Monday, April 14, 2008

Writer's Blank

MENTAL STATUS: "Flighty". I forgot I switched with someone to teach children's church on Sunday--and when I finally remembered that I did that, I forgot why I switched in the first place.

I'm in the process of writing my next chapter and as I was looking my whole manuscript over, I got one of those weird hair-raising type of feelings. Like...uh-oh, I don't have enough conflict. And like...why can't my heroine be with my hero again? And like...what's the point of this whole story again? I call it 'Writer's Blank", because I actually forgot what the point of the story was.

Trust me, those are not good thoughts to have at this time. Anytime really. But then I gave it my crit partners and they were like "Huh?", too.

So I'm heading over to the library (away from distractions) and hopefully see what I can pull out of this story.

If you hear screaming or see blondish hair being tossed about like confetti. Don't panic. It's just me.


Angelle Trieste said...

Good luck, Jennifer! :)

Stephanie said...

This happens to me more often that not considering I will almost finish an MS and then have to go on a 6 month hiatus. I come back to it later and realize I have to scrap the whole thing or at the very least do MAJOR revisions. That's just all part of it though, you'll be able to work through it. I've read your stuff and you're great. Speaking of that...I miss being your crit partner! Heard from Sadie at all?

Chicki said...

Patricia posted a question about a similar problem on the Wet Noodle Posse's blog the other day. I'm also going through the same thing with my final chapters.

Story issues like that are what force us to stretch and grow as writers. Hopefully we'll all come out with something fresh and exciting.

Hope your library is quieter than mine was on Friday...

Debora said...

Seems to be going around - I'm struggling with my whole damn plot - argh! You'll work it through :)