Friday, May 9, 2008

The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

MENTAL STATUS: "Pleased". Getting a lot of writing done, Mother's Day is coming up, and we're going on vacation soon.

FAST DRAFT PROGRESS: 8 pages yesterday! Yeah, I know, still not goal, but don't be a Captain Bring Down on me.

Hey, all you Moms--or those with mothers: Um, are you asking for anything in particular this Mother's Day? Did you get your mommy something special?

My mom is really hard to buy for. She has EVERYTHING. I'm not just saying that either. And things she doesn't have, she wouldn't want. So it forces me to get creative--but not too creative. (She's very practical, too)

Well, I opted for something easy this year. I sent a card and ordered flowers. Not just any flowers--organic flowers. One dozen Crown Majesty Pink Organic Roses, to be exact. :) Seeing that my mom barely remembers I have a website let alone a blog, I feel safe posting it here.

I haven't asked for anything for myself. Chocolate is always welcomed, though. Good chocolate. You know, in a fancy box with fu-fu frilly wrapping. That's right up my alley. Hubby, do you see this? Hint, hint.

Then I saw this: Chocolate Covered Bacon.

Now, if you can get beyond the laughter, I suppose it's a pretty novel idea. I mean, I like chocolate. I like bacon. Why not? But then again, I like tuna and I like ice cream, but that doesn't mean I want that combo whipped together as a delicacy.

Would you try chocolate covered bacon? Have you ever had any other crazy food combinations?


Chicki said...

Chocolate covered bacon sounds SO disgusting even though I love both of them, but not together. Ugh!

I'm not one for mixing foods. I even keep my food separated on the plate, :) so I don't go for strange combinations.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Diane Craver said...

I think you did great getting 8 pages written yesterday!

Yuck - I don't think I'd want to eat chocolate covered bacon.

My mother passed away 5 years ago. I told my kids I'd like hanging flower baskets. I'm easy. Or take me out to eat. We sometimes have a cookout but rain is in the forecast.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Jennifer!

Stephanie said...

Ok, so I'm pregnant, but chocolate covered bacon (maybe turkey bacon since it's saltier) sounds...ok. I can't say it's sounds scrumptious, but it doesn't sound disgusting either. Sort of like m&m's and buttered popcorn, right? Just agree with me...;oD

Sasha Allgood said...

Sadly, I would probably not turn down at least a taste of chocolate covered bacon.

Yay for the eight pages!

Beautiful roses. Give your mom a big hug and enjoy the day.

Patricia W. said...

I pass!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!